Did You Know These 5 Core Health Tips for Men?

You Are What You Eat. So Eat Well

It’s no secret that obesity is widespread: Nearly nine out of every ten men are either overweight or obese. Therefore, it is important to note the following top health tips.

“Fitness is achieved 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the gym”.

There are also nutrition supplements that help boost our harnessing of nutrients from our food. Check out Cellgevity; it has the recent medical nutrition breakthrough – Riboceine technology.

Adopt these Health Tips to Experience Better Health and Life…

Keep Changing Your Fitness Routine

Alternate your exercise activities to stay motivated to work out — variety is good for both the mind and body, said Collins Akanno, Clinical Nutritionist and member of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria. He is the Founder and Head Consultant of Diet234.com “Your body can get used to the same thing if it’s done over and over again,” Collins said. To keep your body guessing, he suggested combining different types of fitness workouts even as you consume an all organic and nutrient-dense diet.

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Bring Your “Follow Follow” Friend to the Gym

Do you need extra motivation to follow through with your fitness goals and diet plan? Then, this health tip is particularly for you. Don’t go at it alone — enlist the help of a friend. Not only does working out with a friend keep you both focused on fitness, it also adds an edge of competition, especially if you pick a workout partner who’s a bit more advanced and will make you feel challenged. You’ll work harder to keep up and reach your fitness goals. And it sure feels good to share a healthy nutritious snack with a friend at the end of workouts.

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Always Read Nutrition Labels

Among all of the other health tips mentioned in this article, this is super important, especially if you live on packaged foods like most new generation Nigerians. Observing and taking a closer look at food package labels is key to keep you from damaging a healthy diet plan with oversized portions and unhealthy ingredients in processed foods. Avoid foods with trans fats and limit sugars; less than 7 grams per serving is great. Look for foods with high-fiber, which contain more than 3 grams of fiber per serving. And remember that the more fresh foods you add to your diet, the easier it is to ensure that you’re getting essential daily nutrients.

Five easy steps to help you read the label.

Step 1: Look at the serving size
Compare the serving size on the package to the amount that you eat. If you eat the serving size shown on the Nutrition Facts Table you will get the amount of calories and nutrients that are listed.

Step 2: Look at the calories
Calories tell you how much energy you get from one serving of a packaged food.

Step 3: Look at the per cent Daily Value (% Daily Value)
% Daily Value puts nutrients on a scale from 0% to 100%. This scale tells you if there is a little or a lot of a nutrient in one serving of a packaged food. Use this percentage to compare the nutrient content of different foods.
5% DV or less is a little
15% DV or more is a lot

Step 4: Try to get more of these nutrients
Fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium

Step 5 : Try to get less of these nutrients
Fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, cholesterol

Keep Cooking Simple. No Need for “Meh-deh Meh-deh”

Arguably, most Nigerian men or rather men generally all over the world, are not into “major” cooking, so this is not an issue. Anyways, when you’re following a healthy diet and cooking at home, make sure your preparation methods are also healthy. Try to bake, grill, steam, or sauté foods rather than deep-frying them. Cook with healthy fats, such as olive or canola oil instead of butter, and season with fresh or dried herbs, not salt. Order food prepared in these healthful ways when you eat out, too. Don’t feel compelled to eat plenty “fries” while waiting for the “main” meal.

Try New Foods to Avoid Diet Boredom

They say “Variety is the spice of life”. Adding new and unusual tastes to your meals helps you to stay interested in eating right and ensures that you’re getting a wide variety of nutrients. If you eat only a narrow range of foods, even foods that are good for you, you could become deficient in some vitamins and minerals, which can lower your energy level. In addition to lean protein and low-fat dairy staples, experiment with exotic fruits and vegetables and different types of whole grains. For breakfast, try eating oatmeal or “Quaker Oat” as most Nigerians know it.

Write down these health tips on a sticky note and place somewhere visible. Whether in the classroom, boardroom, bathroom or in “the other room” lol

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