Enjoyable Exercises To Get You In Shape


Not all exercises are for everyone so it’s important you find something you genuinely enjoy doing, otherwise, you won’t keep at it.


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Here are some of the best exercises/ways to stay fit;


Swimming works every single muscle in your body, it boosts your metabolism and burns calories. Not only that, it also increases muscle strength and endurance so you will find the more you swim, the more strength you will have in the future. Swimming isn’t just good a way to lose weight, it’s an adventure too! You don’t have to stick to pools…


Cycling works all those difficult places, calves, thighs, bum, abs and those much-hated love handles! Make sure you have a good, sturdy bike (preferably with bicycle insurance), workout gear, and a water bottle. Try planning your route beforehand so you know how long it will take you there and back. Don’t go too far for your first ride, start easy and you can progress from there.


Running is a good excuse to get outdoors and be at one with nature. You can listen to your favourite music at the same time to keep your energy up. It makes your bones strong and is a weight bearing exercise. Make sure you have suitable trainers to run in though otherwise, you may cause yourself an injury.


Boxing is a big fat burner, you can burn 500 calories a session! It’s a great way to tone up your body (and gets rid of those stubborn bingo wings). Boxing is great for the core muscles so if you’re looking for something to give you them pretty abs – you’ve found it.


Yoga is known to be one of the more relaxing ways to exercise, it’s slow, spiritual and has been known to relieve stress. It also makes you flexible with time, but be patient, yoga may be a little daunting for beginners so don’t run before you can walk.


Zumba is a relatively new style of exercising. It’s pretty much cardio and dance combined. Classes consist of loud, energetic music, sweaty people and lots of laughs! Zumba is a great way to meet others and bring a friend along with you, it’s such good fun, you won’t even realise how hard your body has worked!


Meditation isn’t a physical workout; more a mental one. It’s all about clearing your mind and focussing on your breathing. Do this when you have free time away from any distractions. Think about lighting a candle and some incense sticks too. – Whatever makes you feel calm and stress-free.

Whatever exercises you chose, don’t let them be the only ones. Our bodies know when routine forms, so may not work as hard after a certain amount of time, so it’s important we change it up every now and then so we can surprise our bodies into making them work harder!

Last but not least, have fun and eat well! Exercises are good, not only physically, but mentally too.

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