Collins Akanno

Collins Akanno

Founder & Principal Consultant

Collins Akanno is a clinical nutritionist proven in field research and nutritional surveys, with background experience in the pre-medical sciences. It is no wonder he is fondly called “The Diet Doctor”. He is an outstanding member of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN). He has been certified in Health, Safety and Environment by British International Safety Organization (BISO) and in project management by British Project Management Academy (BPMA). Collins is a creative and entrepreneurial fellow who has a friendly disposition consulting with clients.

He and his team of qualified professionals aim to increase the awareness of how important nutrition and appropriate dieting is for our health and well-being. With the support of his global dietetic colleagues, he hopes the public and media are empowered and enlightened to the true facts about health, nutrition and dietary needs.

Collins believes in the recent movement of modern medicine from disease curing to preventive medicine with the use of adequate, healthy foods and nutrition education as a tool for this much-needed change. He communicates a broader perspective on how nutrition impacts your health positively.

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