Yam and Corned Beef Sauce

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We love to share recipes with you, especially from one of our fans Felicia – @niftychic via our Instagram handle @diet234. She happens to be a good cook, and food enthusiast. She shared a recipe for “Boiled Yam and Corned Beef Sauce” with us.

Yam and corned beef sauce is a popular, tasty and nutritious meal in Nigeria. Depending on preparation method, it could be a main dish or as a snack. This will make a delicious dinner tonight. So indulge!

Below, is the recipe she sent us (written in her words)

Hi diet234,

It’s niftychic on Instagram. Here’s the recipe for my boiled yam and corned beef sauce.

Green pepper
Red pepper (tatashe)
Runner beans/green beans
Olive oil or groundnut oil

Slice and boil the yam, add salt to taste.
Slice and dice all vegetables.
Place a dry fry pan on d cooker.
Add little amount of oil in the pan.
Put in vegetables in batches according to hardness of each veggie.
Stir and leave to fry.
Season with spices.
Pour in corn-beef into the mix.
Salt to taste.

Can be served with either yam, rice, spaghetti, etc

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@niftychic - Yam and corned beef sauce recipeTip: Figure out what quantities of each food condiment / item is enough portion for you as regards serving size.

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And as we always say,…. Healthy Eating is Happy Living!

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