Nutritional Myths and Facts

Explore thirty (30) common nutritional myths and the corresponding facts about your food options, meal choices, and diet plan + nutrition tips! These nutritional myths and facts were sourced from nutritional resources available online and consultation sessions of Diet234 consultants. The book aims to clarify common nutritional myths while also disseminating properly verified health information. […]

Step-by-Step Child Nutrition EBook

A book by Amarachi Okoro, written in a story-telling manner as an African parent for African parents who are concerned about the nutritional development of their child. Every parent’s desire is to raise a child who is disease and sickness free. This book is written in easy English. Short and to the point. A manual […]

Understanding Early Childhood Nutrition

Promoting healthy early childhood nutrition, especially the 1st 1000 days is essential for promoting the health and well-being of young children. As a community nutritionist, it’s important to educate parents and caregivers about the importance of providing a balanced and varied diet, as well as to promote healthy eating behaviors and address unique cultural and […]

Food Neophobia and How to Overcome It.


Food neophobia is a common phenomenon. When we encounter something new, such as food, we are confronted with two issues: neophobia and neophilia. What is food neophobia? Neophobia here is the fear of eating an unknown substance (new food) or Neophilia – the desire to try new tastes. As humans, we have extraordinary recognition and […]

Prediabetes on World Diabetes Day 2021

prediabetes - diet234

It’s another World Diabetes Day, and we can’t stress enough how important it is to have access to diabetes care and prevention. They say that knowledge is power, and so understanding diabetes gives you an advantage in taking action towards prevention. Because there are no obvious symptoms of prediabetes, you may have it and be […]