Consumption of Cow Skin (Ponmo) in Nigeria

woman selling cow skin ponmo

People frequently say, “Cow skin (Ponmo) has no nutrients, nutritional benefits, or value.” But how true is this statement? This low-cost protein source has endured this narrative for so long that it now screams for redemption. Yes, cow skin is thick and tough, making it ideal for leather goods but not so much for food. […]

Food Neophobia and How to Overcome It.


Food neophobia is a common phenomenon. When we encounter something new, such as food, we are confronted with two issues: neophobia and neophilia. What is food neophobia? Neophobia here is the fear of eating an unknown substance (new food) or Neophilia – the desire to try new tastes. As humans, we have extraordinary recognition and […]

Prediabetes on World Diabetes Day 2021

prediabetes - diet234

It’s another World Diabetes Day, and we can’t stress enough how important it is to have access to diabetes care and prevention. They say that knowledge is power, and so understanding diabetes gives you an advantage in taking action towards prevention. Because there are no obvious symptoms of prediabetes, you may have it and be […]