WorkOut? Four Foods You Should Eat More Of And Why

workout food combination

Everyone who tries hard to live a healthy lifestyle knows just how important it is to get that all important nutrition. Especially, if you workout. Many health advocates base their whole diets around getting the nutrients they need. But are they really doing it in the most efficient way? Are you? The truth is that there is no ‘miracle food’ that can provide you with everything and anything you need. There are, however, those we call superfoods. Foods that provide more than one nutrient in the kind of abundance that it’s downright inefficient to not include them in your diet. We’re going to look at just a few right here.

Some great workout foods are;

workout food - oysters



Many people already have an idea that oysters are very good for us. Most other shellfish, too. But can you name why exactly it’s so important to people who work out? For one, they are loaded with Vitamin B12 and other B Vitamins. These are the vitamins that help process the very food you eat into the energy you use. Without these vitamins, most of that good food will go to waste. Similarly, oysters have an abundance of Omega 3 fatty acids. Besides needing these to function, they’re also great for keeping a healthy heart. Even if you live nowhere by the sea, you can easily shop online at Citarella and similar retails to keep supplied with shellfish.

workout food - chili-pepper


Chilli peppers

We should all be getting plenty of vitamin C from oranges or smoothies or juices. However, lots of people have justified concerns about the amount of sugar they get from consuming this many citrus fruits. It’s particularly bad for your teeth, after all. A more savoury option like chilli peppers has a lot less sugar and actually more vitamin C than oranges. But chilli peppers, or any peppers, that contain capsaicin also helps relieve joint and muscle pain. If that doesn’t sound like it goes along perfectly with a workout, then you’re not working out hard enough.

workout food - dried fig


Dried figs

Chilli peppers and oysters are good for dinners and lunches. However, people who work out, particularly to gain muscle, need to do the right kind of snacking as well. One of those snacks that will yield huge benefits is a bowl or pack of dried figs. Dried figs are incredibly rich in fibre, so you don’t have to rely on carb heavy fibre diets, for one. More importantly, they have tons of minerals. Particularly iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. These minerals are hugely important parts of hundreds of bodily functions. Including detoxification and energy production, meaning you’re less likely to fall ill as result of a workout.

workout food - Pistachios



A lot of workout focused people will already know that nuts are another great snack. They can help you get those complex carbs you need and have protein benefits, too. Pistachios in particular are great despite their salt content. A strong heart is the key to a good exercise and pistachios have been found to help toward just that. This is in part due to high contents of vitamin E, which contributes towards the prevention of clogs in your arteries. It also has plenty of those same minerals found in dried figs.

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