Unusual Foods You Can Add to a Healthy Diet


It seems like every day there is a new healthy diet or food that you should be eating. Whether any of them will actually improve your health is up for debate. While nothing is going to make you magically healthy on its own, changing your diet can improve your quality of life. If you want to explore some healthy foods, it can expand your horizons and introduce you to something interesting. There are many interesting thing you can try, especially if you look at foods from other cultures. You can discover lots of different items that people from all over the world consider healthy.

Unusual additions for a healthy diet, for example;

Marmite in healthy diet

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Brits, Australians, and some others will be familiar with Marmite. For others, the look and sound of it may not appeal. The thing to remember with Marmite is that it’s important to use sparingly. It has a strong flavor that can taste great, but not when it’s spread like peanut butter. It’s best on toast, but also great with crackers, rice cakes, or in a sandwich. So what is it? It’s a yeast extract, which is full of vitamins and nutrients. In particular, vitamin B12 is present in Marmite. B12 helps to keep your brain, nerves and blood healthy. A little Marmite on toast every day could improve your plain nutritious meal to a healthy diet.

bird nest soup in healthy diet


Bird’s Nest

If Marmite doesn’t appeal, you’re probably not going to like the sound of this next one. However, Chinese people have been extolling the virtues of bird’s nest for centuries. It’s not exactly what you might think it is. While it is a bird’s nest, it’s not made from twigs and leaves. It’s actually the nest from young swifts, which is created with their saliva. One of the most popular dishes to make with it is bird nest soup. The nest dissolves in the soup so that it has a gelatinous consistency. It’s a delicacy, particularly because bird’s nest doesn’t come cheap.




Kimchee and other Korean foods are becoming more popular in the West. Kimchee is a staple food in any Korean household. It’s a fermented cabbage dish made with different seasonings. It isn’t always made with cabbage, as it can also contain other fermented vegetables. The great thing about the cabbage version is that it’s packed with vitamin C, carotene and plenty of fiber. It can get quite spicy, so it’s best to try if you like things on the hotter side. Many other Korean dishes contain lots of healthy vegetables.

arame salad in healthy diet



There is lots of vegetation from the sea that people have been eating forever. Arame is a sweet mild tasting lacy, wiry shaped brown sea vegetable used in Asian cuisines. It’s currently very trendy to use “sea vegetables” at up-market restaurants. One of the vegetables you might want to try is Japanese arame. You probably already know that Japanese cuisine features lots of seaweed. This particular plant has lots of vitamins and minerals, and it could help to strengthen your hair and nails. You can eat it in a salad or cook it into a stir fry.

There are always healthy ingredients you can try for elsewhere. They aren’t superfoods, but they can still be good for you.

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