HCG Diet Secrets You Need To Know About


So you’ve been struggling with weight loss even after months of crash diets and hours of working out at the gym? Well, an HCG diet plan could just be the miracle that you have been waiting for! HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is, as we know, a hormone synthesized in large quantities during pregnancy, though […]

Safe Diet Plans That Promote Healthy Weight Loss

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You are not alone if losing weight is at the top of your priorities list. Every year, millions of people in Nigeria and worldwide go on various diet plans to check on their weight. The global population spends over billions of dollars on products and programs annually. Taking that into perspective, it accounts for a […]

Healthy Living: Top 10 Tips for Sustainable


Healthy living, much like marriage is a commitment you make for life. Statistics show that over 90% of women on earth are dissatisfied in some way with their bodies. They also show that over 80% of girls over the age of sixteen have tried and failed at dieting more than once. The fascination with dieting […]

Weight Loss: Four Things That May Sabotage Your Plans

Weight loss is a journey As with any journey, you may come across some bumps in the road. If your weight loss has slowed, check below to see if one of these issues is holding you back. Cheat days Picture Source Ah, we all love a good cheat day. Eat whatever you want and don’t […]

Exercise: Stick To That Healthy Living Plan

Kukuwa African Dance Exercise Workout

We’ve all been there. Usually at the beginning. Sometimes later. You hit a brick wall right in the middle of your exercise and workout regimes. You lose drive or you give yourself a break. It ends up turning into a slippery slope right back into an unhealthy lifestyle. For some of us, habits aren’t so easy […]