Weight Loss: Four Things That May Sabotage Your Plans

Weight loss is a journey

As with any journey, you may come across some bumps in the road. If your weight loss has slowed, check below to see if one of these issues is holding you back.

Cheat days

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Ah, we all love a good cheat day. Eat whatever you want and don’t feel guilty. Cheeseburgers chocolate, donuts and popcorn, yum! But are your cheat days holding back your weight loss? This could be the case if you are eating and eating, even though you’re already full. There is nothing wrong with having a day where you are more relaxed about your diet. This can often help you to be focused on the other day for good weight loss. But by excessively overeating bad foods on your cheat day you can consume a ridiculous amount of calories. Make sure you have the food that you crave but stop when you are full.


Sleep is so important for good weight loss. If you’re not rested you are likely to become more stressed and this can cause you to reach for unhealthy snacks that are high in fat or sugar. To see if your sleep could be improved think about the following issues:  

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  1. Is your bed comfortable enough? Do you need a new bed frame or a better mattress? Memory foam mattresses are popular, as they keep you cool and mold to your body. The Brentwood mattress with memory foam has a solid review here. This review sums up all the advantages of this type of mattress and can help you make your choice.
  2. Are your partner, kids or pets keeping you from getting a full night’s sleep? If your sleep is always being interrupted, you might want to consider sleeping separately for some of the week.

That way you are going to feel more rested and energetic making it easier to keep to your diet plan.


Although we know the abs are made in the kitchen, exercise is going to help you to lose weight. This is because weight loss occurs when there is a deficit between the calories consumed and the calories expended. Burning 500 calories a day is enough to lose a pound over a week. That means a single high-intensity workout session, per day can help you reach this deficit quickly. Make sure you’re getting in at least 3 hours of cardio work per week. Exercise also raises your metabolic rate, so you burn more calories, even while you are sedentary. Muscle also burn more calories than fat so, weight training can be a useful option for your weight loss journey. Remember you are making it much easier for your body to shift weight if you exercise. Here’s a wonderful performance drink to fuel effective workout.

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Could your motivation style be sabotaging your weight loss? Are you setting unattainable goals for yourself? If you set yourself a huge target it is very easy to become disillusioned when you don’t reach it quickly. That’s why it’s important to set lots of small targets and reward yourself each time you achieve one. Using targets that are small, attainable, measurable, relevant and timed (or SMART) is a great way to set up your goals for weight loss.

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