HCG Diet Secrets You Need To Know About


So you’ve been struggling with weight loss even after months of crash diets and hours of working out at the gym? Well, an HCG diet plan could just be the miracle that you have been waiting for! HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is, as we know, a hormone synthesized in large quantities during pregnancy, though it is also found in the human body in the normal state. It is responsible for using up the body fat to release the calories required for fetal development. The basic function of HCG is to regulate the metabolism. Amazingly, this fat burning ability makes the hormone the right agent for weight loss. No wonder, the HCG diet plan has become a rage amongst weight watchers looking for fast and effective results. So if you are planning to try it out, here are some secrets that you need to know about:

  1. Begin with the basics

To start with, you need to know what exactly an HCG diet plan is all about. The plan comprises of use of an HCG drug along with intake of low-calorie diet. The medication may be in the form of injections or HCG drops. We would focus more on the diet aspect of the plan. Basically, the purpose is to limit the daily calorie intake to an average of 500 calories a day. Such drastic calorie restriction can cause an equally drastic weight loss, sometimes up to 1 pound a day. A super-low-calorie diet along with a few drops of HCG hormones a few times a day can bring a miraculous transition for you.

  1. You will need to prep up

You need to prepare your body well enough before you take up the plan. Go nice and easy, with balanced meals and a normal eating pattern. Enjoy all your favourites but make sure that you eat balanced. Be aware of what is coming and get yourself fully committed before you actually start with the plan.

  1. HCG diet plan comes in stages

Another thing that every HCG dieter needs to know is that the plan is to be followed in three phases. Primarily, Phase 1 is the overload phase, when you have to take a high-calorie diet along with the drops in the first two days of the plan. The purpose of this phase is to get your body fueled up for the subsequent stages. Phase 2 is the Fat Loss phase, which is actually the longest phase of the diet, taking between 26-46 days. This is the period when the body loses weight and becomes lean and fit by reducing the calorie consumption to 500 calories. The diet and drops must be continued simultaneously for maximum benefits. The average weight loss during this period is around 1 pound a day. Phase 3 is the Maintenance phase when the daily calorie consumption is increased up to 1200-1500 calories but fat intake is restricted. This is the time when you stop taking the drops.

  1. Know the right HCG dosage

The diet part of the plan is definitely significant but the dosage is equally important. Take up a good brand such as HCG Triumph so that you are sure about the safety and efficacy of the drops. You would need a dose of eight drops under the tongue thrice a day. Adherence to the HCG dosage is essential to ensure the efficacy of the plan. A missed dose is no reason to worry and you should neither double up the next dose. Just make sure that you get back on schedule and not miss again.

  1. Eat the right kinds of food

While following an HCG diet plan, you must eat the right kind of food to stay within the calorie limits yet keep yourself well nourished. Lean meat (200g), fruits and veggies (2 servings) and breadsticks (2 nos.) can be taken daily to stay within the 500 calorie mark. Drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres a day, to be hydrated. Tea, coffee and zero calorie drinks are also permissible, though they must be taken with artificial sweeteners. Cooking oil is not permissible and spices are allowed for adding flavour to food. You can access a diet chart online and follow it stringently.

  1. Maintain a food journal

While you must stick to the diet plan, you should also maintain a food journal to track your daily calorie intake. Go through it on a regular basis to ensure that you are sticking to the protocol. Compare the food intake with your daily weight and analyze the changes to find out the most effective diet strategy in your case. Also, verify that you are keeping the daily calorie limit and eating the right kind of foods as well.

  1. Add variety to your diet

If your food journal seems monotonous, it would be a good idea to add some variety to it. Following the same routine, every day may get you bored and even tempt you to cheat the diet. Look for some amazing HCG recipes online and try them for a change once in a while. This would add variety to your diet as well as maintain your interest and commitment. Get a nutrition report here.

  1. Monitor progress in terms of inches and pounds

While maintaining a journal is necessary, monitoring your progress is equally essential. You need to check the progress in terms of inches as well as pounds to evaluate the comprehensive efficacy of the plan. The results vary from person to person. For instance, you may not see the scales going down rapidly but your waistline may be getting narrower at a dramatic pace. In others, things may be just the opposite.

With these facts about the plan, all the secrets have been unravelled for weight watchers planning to try it. The checklist would have probably made HCG diet simpler and easier for you. Just go ahead and adhere to the protocol with all your commitment and dedication so that you may experience wonderful results with this magic diet plan.

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