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You are not alone if losing weight is at the top of your priorities list. Every year, millions of people in Nigeria and worldwide go on various diet plans to check on their weight. The global population spends over billions of dollars on products and programs annually. Taking that into perspective, it accounts for a lot of time, finances and emotional investment. See our various service plans to choose from.

Diet plans are a proven solution…

diet plans for fitness

The hassle has led to a quest for determining the diets that work for the course – diet plans. Most importantly, the diets should be safe and should not have health side effects. More and more people are looking for weight-loss programs which balance calorie intake control, nutrition, activity and motivation. Such diet plans and programs include the following:

Structure House Weight Loss Program

Gerald J. Musante, a doctor of philosophy in nutrition has for the last three decades worked diligently and quietly to run the structure house plan successfully. The program is a residential center of treatment for adults with obesity in Durham North Carolina. 30 years is a lot of attention to weight loss factors and a lot of time and research. The study was focused primarily on the relationship between diet plans and weight loss.

The structure house is an outstanding program when it comes to weight loss with the top-shelf score on every aspect of losing weight in a healthy way. The program has its primary focus on why overeating is dangerous and helps dieters in putting a balance to their lives. Structure house program takes a holistic approach to the whole process of weight loss. It asks people to fill their lives with other things than food such as time with friends and family and other outdoor activities.

The program also offers recipes such as classic pesto and Dijon Chicken that have scored high marks in tastiness. Tastiness is a huge factor that plays a significant role in a successful weight-loss long-term.

Weight Watchers Program

This weight loss program harnesses the power of synergy and group support to motivate dieters. It has changed lifestyles by keeping up with science and has scored the highest marks on motivation.

The program is also available online, and so dieters do not have to go to a physical class to learn. It also improves the flexibility of dieters. When you are on the program, you can easily control your hunger and tailor the weight watcher to fit in your lifestyle. Momentum brings together plans that were previously available like the core plan and the famous points-based flex plan. The Flex plan comes with a lot of education on how to make decisions on wise and healthy diets and provides both a simple framework and motivation for success.

On the other side, the core plan encourages dieters to eat satisfying and nutritious foods without consuming excess calories. The weight watchers program will provide incentives that will work with everyone on a diet to lose weight. It also has a real bonus of giving male dieters the motivation they need to achieve their goals.

NutriSystem Diet Plans

This diet plan aims to make weigh loss simple and eliminates the hassles of having to decide which foods will fit your diet. Nutrisystem cost is about what you pay now, and you will not have to count your carbs or calorie intake. You also don’t have to keep track of whatever you are consuming the right portion sizes.

However the diet has the limitation that you cannot also eat whatever you like. The company ships the food that you buy from them to your door and ensures that you take a Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis. You have the freedom to add such foods as veggies, snacks and fresh fruits that you purchase in your local grocery store. Nutrisystem discourages dieters from eating out and to strictly avoid alcohol consumption.

The Volumetrics Eating Plan

According to Nutritionist Barbara Rolls, PhD., human beings like the feeling of fullness after a meal. To many, the opinion may sound so obvious. However, it is based on scientific facts deduced by Rolls during her extensive research on how diet can contribute to weight loss. The nutritionist says that you can eat better and lose weight if you focus on the energy density of the foods that you consume. According to her volumetric plan, high density foods such as vegetables and fruits as well as stews and soups will give the feeling of fullness without overloading your metabolic system with calories.

The diet gets high scores for the rate of weight loss and its components of nutrition. The eating plan is based on well-researched nutrition principles and healthy choices when it comes to food. The Volumetrics eating plan also has the benefit of showing dieters high and low-density foods side by side. This is a perfect way for dieters to use vision to help them make good choices. Although physical activity plays a secondary role in the Volumetrics plan, it is a critical requirement. The program also has a logging guide of between half to full hour of activity to provide motivation.

Would you like to get detailed and proper nutrition education on the above diet plans and weight loss programs, reach out to us today to book a nutrition education seminar (Nutrication) for you and your team, small groups, company staff etc.

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