Skin Care: Top 5 Healthy Habits this December

December is a month associated with numerous festive activities. The festive activities make you deviate from your normal daily routines such as dieting and workout routine. Therefore, during the month of December your health, physical condition and the condition of your skin is bound to deteriorate through the month of December. Also, during the festive season, most people concentrate on improving their facial appearance and forget the importance of skin care to protect it from premature ageing and other skin deteriorating agents.  Taking care of both your internal and external health is critical because both equally affect your skin’s health. Some of the various agents that lead to skin depletion include aging, ailments, injuries and irritations. Although there are many factors that contribute to premature aging, the high stress level is the major cause of premature ageing hence enhancing the formation of wrinkles on your face and other parts of the body.

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Protect yourself from the sun

Although sunlight is healthy in numerous ways, exposing your skin to the direct sunlight is damaging to your skin. Direct sun rays may contain dangerous UV rays that can damage your skin. Some of the problems that are closely associated with direct sun exposure include skin cancer, age spots and many other skin problems. Therefore, as much as you wish to enjoy yourself in the sand beaches and the nature this December, ensure to protect your skin from the direct sunlight. There are several ways of protecting your skin from the direct sunlight, and they include seeking shade, using sunscreen, and wearing protective clothes. This measure protects your skin from direct sunlight hence improving the quality and condition of your skin.

Skin care routine to try this December (Watch video)

Don’t smoke

During the December holiday, most people are bound to engage in intense partying activities just to please and enjoy themselves to the maximum. But some of these intense partying activities such as heavy drinking and smoking can have dire effects not only to your skin’s health but your overall health and well being. Smoking is harmful to your health in many ways that include making your skin look older, narrowing the minute blood vessels on the skin’s surface and damaging elastin and collagen. If the tiny blood vessels on the skin’s surface are narrowed, this decreases the blood flow and circulation to your skin, therefore, depleting the skin sufficient oxygen and nutrients. This is very damaging to your skin and may lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Treat your skin gently

According to lifestyle fitness reviews, most people forget the importance of treating their skin as they treat other parts of their bodies. There are some activities that are important to help you in treating your skin to make it more gentle and young looking. While taking your shower ensure you use warm water rather than hot water because hot water depletes your skin of its natural oils. Secondly, avoid using strong soaps. As much as you wish to achieve and maintain a good scent throughout the festive season, avoid using strong soaps because they will also deplete your skin of its natural oils. Instead, use mild cleansers. Other important habits for proper skin care include shaving carefully, moisturising dry skin and patting your skin dry with a towel after taking a shower. Treating your skin gently also involves using the right products to improve your looks.

Eat healthy

A balanced diet based on organic foods is one of the best natural ways to improve skin care from wrinkles and premature ageing. To ensure you boost your skin’s beauty from the inside, ensure your gather all the necessary knowledge of all the nutrients needed to maintain your body in a healthy condition. During the month of December, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients. Also, taking foods rich in vitamin C and low in fats is also very important for the health of your skin.

Manage stress

High levels of stress and anxiety are not only harmful to your skin’s health but your overall health and well-being. High levels of stress are the major contributors of premature skin ageing hence facilitating the occurrence of wrinkles on your face and other parts of your body. Also, uncontrolled stress makes your skin more sensitive. The high-stress level is closely associated with facilitating the release of hormone cortisol; a hormone responsible for degrading the collagen. Also, long periods of stress degrade the defensive mechanism of your skin.

In conclusion,

Your health is your responsibility. Therefore, you should engage in lifestyle habits that work to protect and improve the quality of your health regardless of the festive season. Proper skin care is the first step of achieving a good physical condition hence improving your overall health and well being. There are various skin care habits to be followed this December ranging from natural ways to the use of cosmetic and beauty products. Individual taste and preference greatly influence the type of product to use.



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