6 Benefits Of Cutting Alcohol Out Of Your Life

Hello, and welcome back, readers. Some of you may have just made it through ‘Dry January’. In other words, you’ve succeeded in cutting alcohol for a month, and made it safely out the other side. But, what if you didn’t turn back to the bottle? What if you continued ‘Dry January’ in Dry February or Dry 2016?

For some people, of course, it’s a more serious problem than simply hiding the red wine for a month. Some people might even benefit from a course of alcohol rehab to put them back on the right track. Now, what does it mean to be completely sober? What are the overall benefits of cutting alcohol? Whether you’re looking for short-term health benefits or breaking a long-term addiction, here’s what happens when you go sober.

By cutting alcohol intake, you get…

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  1. Better sleep

First of all, you’ll start to notice a big change in your quality of sleep. Alcohol severely limits your ability to switch off fully, and the result is a restless night’s sleep. Although it helps you pass out like a light, you don’t enter a full sleep cycle. Putting down the bottle will instantly allow you to fall into a full, deep sleep, and reap all the benefits.

  1. Clearer skin

Alcohol isn’t just damaging to the inside of your body. It also has an adverse effect on the outside. Your skin requires plenty of hydration to shine. Unfortunately, alcohol has the effect of dehydrating the body, and that sucks the moisture from your skin cells. It leaves skin looking dry and lifeless. By cutting alcohol or better still quitting, you immediately replenish your skin cells, and you’ll get a lovely glow.

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  1. More energy

A good night’s sleep will help you wake up with a renewed sense of vigour and excitement. Not only that, but you’ll have a clearer head throughout the day. Alcohol has a debilitating effect on your energy stores, and drains your motivation. Giving up the drink will bring back your passion and excitement in life.

  1. More cash!

You don’t need us to tell you that drinking is expensive! A night out on the town is going to burn a hole in your pocket, not to mention any alcohol kept in the house. By sticking to soft drinks, green teas, and water, you’re not just helping your body, you’re helping your bank balance. Try to keep a running total of how much money you’re saving, and watch the savings add up.

  1. Weight loss

Quite simply, alcohol is full of calories, especially the heavier drinks like beer and sugary spirits. In fact, some spirits have more calories than the equivalent amount of double cream. That might not sound like much, but it all adds up. Cutting back on alcohol will reduce your waistline, and keep the fat away.

  1. Longer life

Regular alcohol intake has been known to accelerate some of the biggest diseases and conditions. Heart disease and liver cancer are just two of the biggest culprits. By cutting alcohol in considerable amount, you’ll reduce the risks of major illnesses, and live a little longer.

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