Making Your New Health Regime Work For You

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Your new health regime has you well on the path to health and happiness. But how do you stick to it? Motivation can be a very tricky thing and a slip can result in the whole thing falling away. Here are some tricks to help you see the benefits sooner and keep yourself in the game for longer until it all just becomes second nature.

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It might sound like a very made-up term but it’s a real concept that’s spreading in many fields, including fitness. Gamification is the process of incentivizing yourself with goals that might seem arbitrary but have a great effect in making you give that little bit extra that you need to give.  There are all kinds of apps and other ways that you can track your process and give yourself goals. Before long, you’ll be exceeding what you thought you could have done.

Health supplements

This might seem like a bit of a bogeyman for some, but the effect supplements can have on your progress to health should not be sniffed at. Protein shakes and creatine are great for those who want to give a bit more to their muscle development and gain mass. Forskolin weight loss is good for those who want to go in the other direction, boosting metabolism and breaking down fat cells to make it easier to shed the weight. Of course, supplements should never be used without exercise. You need to put in some of the work, too.

acai berries

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We’ve all heard of these foods that can supposedly do everything and anything your body needs them to do. Whether it’s the latest fad diet or some tonic, it can be hard to discern which ones really work. The one that’s sticking around, however, is acai berries. These natural little balls of goodness have all kinds of effects. They can lower cholesterol levels, boost your immune system and even improve circulation. We highly recommend incorporating them into your diet.

Don’t go it alone

Exercising as part of a social group unlocks that little bit extra-motivation in us. The right environment can distract us from the pangs of our body and that competitive streak in us can very easily have us reaching extra reserves we didn’t know we had. Always take a look in your local area to see if there are classes or groups that sound appealing as part of your overall fitness plan.

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Find what works for your health

If your current regime simply isn’t doable for you, don’t worry. There are loads of different ways to do cardio from walking to aerobics. Similarly, push-ups and weights aren’t the only way to maintain your core and build strength. Pilates, for example, is known to have particularly good benefits in these fields. Visit here for more on pilates.

Get into the groove

We’ll only talk a bit about this since you’ve doubtlessly heard it before. Music is great for exercising. So much so that they’ve been able to quantify that it increases your endurance by 15%. Those percentages add up to mean a lot more progress in the long term and a healthier body sooner.

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