Increase Human Growth Hormone production for Bulk Bod

When you’re a very young person, it seems all you have to do is eat a good steak and some legumes, do a few reps and what do you know – in a week or two, you’re looking build. However, the older you get, the less effective eating right and working out is for good muscle growth. If you really want to bulk up, you need to encourage the production of the Human Growth Hormone. Young people have this stuff in reserves – which is why, even when they take a casual approach to training, great muscle growth and definition comes so easy. Luckily, your chance to have a strong, built physique isn’t lost as soon as you move into your late twenties.

Increase Human Growth Hormone naturally

There are ways you can naturally encourage the production of Human Growth Hormone to get the body you want. It’s encouraged to take all these factors into account – if you focus on one, you won’t be optimized the generation of HGH; every aspect must work together.

1. High-Intensity Training

Pushing your heart rate to increase above its normal threshold is a fantastic way to encourage the production of HGH. There are loads of examples of high-intensity training that you can incorporate into your routine that should do this effectively. One of the best ways to do so is adding thirty-second sprints to your normal running, cycling, rowing or swimming routine. You want it to be so intense that you wouldn͛t be able to hold a conversation, but not go absolutely flat-out – stay just below the absolute limit to get the best results.

2. Get More Sleep

How we cultivate good sleep is probably one of the most important decisions we make to encourage overall health. It’s always advisable to eschew blue light – from computers, phones or tablets –before we hit the hay, to encourage the best rest possible. As you sleep, your body moves through sleep cycles, from heavier to lighter. During what’s known as the ͚slow wave sleep cycle, your body produces the most HGH. To encourage this cycle to repeat more frequently, get as much sleep as your body feels it needs.

3. Produce More Melatonin

Eat foods with more melatonin in them. Melatonin is the stuff that regulates the sleep cycles of mammals. To get a good night’s rest – and encourage the production of that all-important HGH – you should be eating Melatonin rich foods, like tomatoes, pineapples, bananas, oranges, oats sweetcorn, rice and barley. Luckily, they’re all delicious!

4. Encourage GABA

GABA is a neurotransmitter, and a bit of a wonder; stimulating GABA can increase your levels of HGH by as much as 400%. GABA can be bought from health stores, and if taken before a work out can enhance any HGH produced during. However, you can also get GABA from delicious natural foodstuffs, like almonds, walnuts, banana, liver, broccoli, lentils and spinach.

5. Reduce Body Fat Levels

If you’re trying to bulk up, you’re probably trying to shake off some body fat anyway. You need to keep the ratio of body mass to build under 15% – in older adults who do this, they produce better stores of HGH than the rest of the population. It’s a good idea to cut out junk food and sweets too. Learn how now.

6. Try Intermittent Fasting

HGH is spiked by intermittent fasting. If, for two or three days a week, you choose to eat less than you would on other days, HGH production is stimulated – giving you just what you need to bulk up.

7. Try a Supplement

If you’re tired of not seeing the results you want, consider purchasing a Human Growth Hormone Supplement. has a wide range to help you bulk up.

8. Avoid Sugars

Stay away from any glucose for the first two hours after a workout – this stimulates another hormone in the body, somatostatin, which actually slows down the production of HGH. Instead, opt for something high in protein, but avoid carbohydrates.

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