Fitness Motivation Tips by 100+ Experts for 2017


How To Motivate Yourself To Workout: 100 Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tips For 2017

For our fitness family aka “fitfam”…

It’s that time of the year when thousands of people sign up for new gym memberships and then a majority of them just give up the very next week or month.

The first question on everyone’s mind is “How to get fit in 2017?” a close second is “How do I motivate myself to stay fit?”

Fitness – How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out in 2017:

There are no shortcuts to fitness and you have to motivate yourself enough to get out the door and get working out.

A gym is an option to put your fitness plans into action. If you live far away from a gym, then you also have the option to get your own home gym set up with all the equipment that you’d ever want from a gym.

Motivating yourself to working out for some is harder than the workout!

Since this has been a recurring theme in the fitness industry, we’ve decided to go straight to the source and asked fitness experts a simple question:

What Would Be Your 3 Best Fitness Motivation Tips For 2017?

We posed this question to popular fitness experts to see what they had to say about it.

I wanted to see which one would rise to the top…

Here are the best workout motivation tips recommended by 100 experts.

  • Identify and Track Goals – 41 Votes
  • Right Nutrition – 22 Votes
  • Get a Group / Support System – 19 Votes
  • Have Fun! – 19 Votes
  • Go Easy on Yourself – 16 Votes
  • Plan For Fitness – 16 Votes
  • Think, Breathe Fitness – 15 Votes
  • Consistency is Key – 11 Votes
  • Be Accountable – 10 Votes
  • Stay Positive! – 10 Votes

Best Exercise Motivation Tips To Make Yourself A Healthier & Happier Person In 2017

(as voted by 100 Experts)

Read on to discover each expert’s top 3 fitness motivation tips.


CEO and Founder

Thanks for the opportunity!

Form habits — which put willpower on “autopilot.”

Just get started — the hardest part is often getting your foot out the door.

Daily weighing and frequent measuring can be a good way of maintaining awareness and motivation, especially if your goal is to lose weight.


Health Coach, Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

Here are some quick tips.

Short And Long-Term Goals

It’s great to want to change your body, but change takes time. While you’re on the journey to a better body, set small achievable goals to serve as stepping stones along the way.

Move Your Body

Do some kind of physical activity every day. Easy workouts matter just as much as hard ones. So plan to be active every single day to burn maximum fat but still give your body time to recover.

The Power Of Good Nutrition

Nothing tanks your motivation like fatigue. A healthy diet will not only fuel your workouts, but can also boost your mood and help you to feel full, satisfied, and energetic all day long.


Editor in Chief & Co-Owner

Working out (smartly) can bring the most dynamic benefits to your life. In my experience, a great workout help both your body and mind in equal measure. That’s why it’s so strange that more often than not it feels like a struggle to get yourself to do it!

My 3 quick tips:


Try and get a quick morning work-out in. The later in the day you work out, the more time you have to come up with excuses. A workout in the morning kick starts your metabolism.


To me, there is only one way to work out – and that is with loud, great music! Nothing gets me as pumped up (which really helps with the mental part) than a killer track.


How great do you feel right after you’ve had a vigorous workout? REMEMBER THAT FEELING and take a moment to feel it, before you workout, to get all the motivation you need!


Ex-Bodybuilder and Coach


Use Social Accountability

Social accountability, and the ability to brag to others, are both great ways to get externally motivated to exercise. Create a Facebook page or start a blog or a Twitter account.

Get a Workout Buddy

To keep you from sleeping through a workout, there’s nothing like knowing a friend is tapping their feet waiting for you to show up for a 6 am run.

Consider a Personal Trainer

Though a friend can certainly motivate you to exercise, a personal trainer will push you, provide you with a plan, and get you workout results even faster.

Make a Plan

Even if you can’t afford a personal trainer, one of the best ways to motivate yourself is to know what kind of workout you’re going to do.


Co-Founder, Co-Author & Editor


Every Healthy Decision Counts

If you can only work out 10 minutes, workout 10 minutes! It’s better for you than lounging on the couch.

Grab Some Buds

Everything’s better with friends—everything. So sign up for a race with a team of your gal pals or grab a workout buddy for this early morning workouts.

Embrace The Soreness

Being sore may feel uncomfortable and be annoying, but it’s a good thing! The burn is a sign that your body is getting stronger in all the right places!


Author, Educator, Mentor


Rid Yourself Of Stress

Exercise to release stress and to be strong instead of for weight loss. Focusing on weight loss will backfire and make you unhappy. Focusing on fitness and fun will bring you joy.

Be What You Are

Exercising to care for your body instead of trying to become someone you’re not will make you healthier, and it will also feed your soul.

Adequate Rest

Rest when you’re tired. Your body is filled with wisdom. It will tell you when you need to push yourself out of a rut of inactivity, but it will also tell you when it’s truly time for rest.


CEO and Founder


Mix it up!

Make sure that you’re doing a mixture of cardio strength training yoga every week

Also make sure that you are trying some new classes and techniques to spice things up.

Keep Workouts Short

Remember that cortisol levels will be increased if you work out for more than 45 minutes.

Keep your weight workouts short 30 to 45 minutes and do that more often for best results.


Try meditation meditation is a beautiful way to recover your body and your mind. Meditation can help you lower your court is all levels your heart rate and your stress levels.


Health Professional and Editor


My 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017

Be Honest to Yourself

Find your reason, your deep down, honest-to-yourself reason for wanting to make fitness a priority in 2017. Pick the one that makes you ache because you want it, because you really want it.

Make It Fun

No matter how big your ‘why’ is, you need to enjoy your fitness endeavors because when your day’s been overly long, it’s too easy to push your healthy pursuits to the back

Reward Yourself

No matter how disciplined you might be, there’s nothing more encouraging that getting a reward. And particularly because the rewards here take a while to kick in.


Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor


My 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017:

Set A Reasonable Goal

Trying to motivate yourself without a goal is like getting on the train with no destination in mind. Establish your goals however small or large.

Grab A Partner

If you find that you cannot get to the gym with any regularity, having a buddy will help motivate both you and your buddy.

Start With A Trainer

If you have no one to go with, hire a trainer for a few sessions just to get you going. Learn all you can from the trainer and then you can continue on your own.


The Plant-Powered Dietitian


Sustainable Fitness

By that I mean, make your fitness plan something that can work with your work, family, budget or school schedule.

Enjoyable Fitness Programs

If you hate your workout, you’ll find all sorts of reasons to quit it. It should be something you enjoy doing.

Healthy Eating

Nutrition goes hand in hand with physical fitness goals. Create a healthful diet plan focusing on minimally processed plant foods, and skip fad diets that are unsustainable over the long haul.

Workout Motivation Quote #1
“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”
Michael Jordan, 6-time NBA Championship winner


Author and Fitness Expert


Here’s my 3 tips for 2017:

Love Yourself

Yes, being healthy and fit needs to start from a place of love for you and your body. If you want to change your body out of hate, then you’ll never truly appreciate the body.

Change Your Relationship With Food

Let go of the all or nothing mentality and stop beating yourself up if you end up eating foods that aren’t on your meal plan. Instead focus 1 thing you can change per day that will help you.


It’s not like meditation will get you 6 pack abs, but meditation has been one of the best things I’ve done to change my health this past year. I know it sounds weird, but give it a try.


World-Class Motivational Speaker and Author



In order to show up to a workout you need to schedule it and you need to stay accountable. People set appointments for everything else in their daily lives except their fitness.

Find A Purpose

You need a real purpose. Because even though watching numbers on a scale might be enough to motivate you for a few weeks or months, it’s not going to sustain your for a lifetime.

Pay Yourself First

Give yourself rewards. If you reward yourself after a workout, or when you reach goals you’ve set for yourself, you are more likely to look forward to your workout.


Coach and Owner


My best 3 tips for staying motivated:

Know Why Fitness Is Important

Go beyond hitting a weight goal or certain pair of jeans. Dig into how your life will change if you stick with your goal.

Be Accountable

Accountability is another key to staying motivated. Enlist a friend or family member with similar goals to join you in your journey.

Track Progress

Another key to stay motivated is to see the results of your work. Sometimes progress is hard to see objectively for yourself, so tracking key metrics helps you to see results more clearly.


Digital Thought Leader and Lifestyle Mentor


Fitness Everyday

Block a minimum of 30 minutes EVERY day to improve your body, mind, and spirit (no exceptions! Get selfish on this one)

Prioritize Proper Sleep And Hydration

Think sleep and hydration – make them a priority – getting these 2 things in order will make 2017 closer to awesome!

Smart Nutrition Choices

When it comes to eating, make smarter decisions and ask yourself if what you’re eating is taking you further away from your goal. Get rid of the guilt and choose better.


Personal Development Blogger


What would be your 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?

Have A Goal

I will easily run under 4 hours in the Sydney Marathon. Or, I will easily lose 10kg by the end of Q1 (31 Mar 2017), Or, I will easily exercise 40 times for at least 25 minutes.

Create A Strategy

Every Sunday night, schedule your exercise sessions into your calendar. Plan out exactly what you will be doing each session.

Do It First Thing Each Morning

There are so many benefits to working out first thing in the morning. Firstly, you increase your overall confidence because you smash a goal first thing in the morning.


Is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


3 Best Motivation Tips:

Take It Slow

Any movement is better than sitting on your couch; so please don’t think only running a marathon will do.

Find The Fun

There are so many different types of fitness to choose from; therefore, no reason for you to get stuck doing something you don’t enjoy.

Be Patient

Building flexibility and strength doesn’t happen overnight; but the results of your commitment will last a lifetime.





Wake up and drink 4 cups of water. This will improve your energy and your mood.

Channel Your Energy

Try to do something during the weekdays and go super hard on the weekends. Be thankful you’ve done something even when you’re ‘busy’.

Be Patient

Getting in great shape takes time and consistency. Enjoy your fitness journey and don’t rush it.




Here’s my tips:

Have A Fitness Goal

When it comes to fitness motivation, it’s really important to have a goal. Remind yourself why you are exercising and what you want to accomplish with each exercise.

Don’t Rush Results

The second tip is that you really need to make yourself aware that it takes time to see results. People have really high expectations and give up when they don’t see immediate results.

Be Inspired

Never give up and to draw inspiration from people that have already accomplished what you are trying to achieve.


Motivational Keynote Speaker


Make Yourself Accountable

Public accountability drives private accountability. Hire a coach, recruit a friend, do whatever you have to do to tell someone what you want to achieve and then report back regularly.

Schedule Your Workouts On Sundays

Spend 15 minutes each week mapping out what runs you want to do, what gym workouts you want to do – whatever you enjoy make it a calendar appointment.

Place Workout Gear Beside Your Bed Each Night

If you are a morning person you are more likely to put it on and get out the door, this is especially important if you travel a lot for work.


Certified Personal Trainer


Here are some tips!

Diet- Eat Real Food!

Avoid anything and everything that is processed and/or artificial. Don’t skip breakfast – eat more often and consume calorie dense healthy foods.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Sign up & pay for classes ahead of time, make your workout a priority. Schedule your workouts just like any other appointment in your daily or weekly schedule.

Take Before And Afters Photos

Seeing improvement in your own body is highly motivating! Once you notice that you are able to transform your body into the best version of yourself, there is no going back.

Workout Motivation Quote #2
“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-time Mr. Olympia


Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and A Fitness Specialist


Goal Setting

Set small goals that are attainable. You will reach them and then move on to the next one. Think of them as a ladder taking you rung by rung to get to the top.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Let them know how much their support means to you and talk with them when you need a motivation boost. They want to see you succeed.

Don’t Quit And Then Start Over

Finish what you start. So many people never achieve the results they want because they never let themselves get far enough. They quit before the results were just about to happen.


Performance Nutritionist


Look Internally For Motivation Rather Than Externally

What is it you want to achieve, and why, and go deep on those answers, which many are not prepared to do. Only when we go deep on our whys do we become truly motivated.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

It’s awesome to have goals and wants and aims, but if we have too many it becomes unachievable and we become demotivated as we are failing at some of the goals.

Surround Yourself With The Right Kind Of People

Take a friend to the gym that is on the same journey as you, hit the same fitness class together, and share on the journey together. Share recipes, ideas, methods and everything.


Certified Personal Trainer and Founder


Set Goals That Excite You

Working out and eating healthy just to look good usually isn’t enough of a motivator for most people. Instead, try and find some fitness goals that you’ve always wanted to do.

Lack Of Time? HIIT

If your biggest excuse to skip your workouts is lack of time, shorten your workouts! High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an awesome option for anyone with lack of time.

Have Fun!

Working out and staying active shouldn’t be torture, so if you dread every single workout you do, something is definitely wrong with your approach. Key is to find a fun routine and stick to it.


Certified Fitness Trainer


Three best motivation tips.

Today is always the best day to start.

And remember that even if you fall off track you can always get started again!

Workout first thing in the morning…

It’s your appointment with yourself to be focused and still to plan out your day.

Get a partner, a group or even your dog to keep you accountable

Remember it has to be fun or you won’t keep doing it.


Author, Coach, Athlete and Trainer


Proper Nutrition

Your training program and “diet” do not have an expiration date. Seek out something that can turn into your lifestyle and ultimately last forever if you want sustained success.

Prepare For Changes

Fat Loss & Weight loss is easy once you realize how hard it is. The three most important pieces in this order 1. Mindset 2. Nutrition 3. Training if you can truly focus your mind on your goals the rest will follow.

Find Like-Minded People

You are the average of the 5 people who associate with the most. Your health and fitness lifestyle is no different; your inner circle strongly influences the choices you make.


Popular Fitness Food Motivator


Get In A Crowd

Always surround yourself with like-minded people. Getting cheered and supported daily over at is what we all find motivating each day.

Stick To Fresh

Fresh is best. Since taking my food to work and preparing each day, I am in control of what goodness goes into my body.

Get A Move On

Move your body everyday. 10,000 steps per day 365 days of the year is what it’s all about. Join a gym, get a fitness wearable to monitor and motivate you to move your body.


Certified Running Coach


My top 3 tips for 2017 would be:

Get Goals

Start off with a goal and break it down into the steps it will take to meet that goal.

Plan Your Fitness

Schedule your workout in your planner just like you would any other appointment and then keep that appointment.

Catch A Break

Always be kind to yourself both physically and mentally.


German Fitness and Sports Coach


Stay motivated for your goals!

Nutrition is more important than your training. Nutrition first!

Be your own opponent in each training to achieve the exercises


Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


Get your diet right. You can’t out train a bad diet.

Track your progress and measure. If you aint testing, you’re guessing

You’re only going to get a little better each day. Have patience and don’t rely on motivation, rely on habits.


Workout Motivation tips


Best 3 fitness motivation tips

Set Goals

No human is capable of achieving amazing results if they don’t first KNOW what results they want. Just as an archer can’t hit a target that isn’t there or a pilot find a destination that isn’t defined.

Your goals should be big, something that pushes you to become better than you ever were before, to achieve better results than you have ever achieved before. If you set big, ambitious goals, even if you don’t quite make it you will have succeeded because you should be in your best ever shape.

Put Something Positive In Your Ear!

Get motivated! Many people don’t follow through with their fitness goals because they lack inspiration and powerful motivation. Ditch your personal trainer and inject your workouts with some passion. Something that will light a spark in you and get you to take action. Something that will get you excited to go to the gym, not go because you “have to” but go because you WANT to.

Something that will help you FEAR LESS and DOMINATE MORE.

Before Photos And Deadlines

Before photos are a powerful motivator because they force you to face reality. Take your before photo and don’t cheat! No sucking in or choosing good light. This must be real. Have a good look, and if it’s not pretty – make a promise to yourself it will change and it will change TODAY! Right now! Not tomorrow, or Monday after this weekend. RIGHT NOW.

Added to that make a COMMITMENT of 8-12 weeks, an exact date of when you plan to take an “After” photo. To raise your commitment level, tell someone or many people you know about your commitment date so you can’t back out.

Workout Motivation Quote #3
“In training, you listen to your body. In competition, you tell your body to shut up.”
Rich Froning Jr., four-time CrossFit Games champion


ISSA Certified Trainer


My top 3 tips to stay motivated in 2017

We are beings of emotion. It’s one of the things that make us human. Some of us are more emotional than others, but at some point we all feel happiness, love, sadness, and depression. Our feelings will have a big factor on our motivation in the gym and overall health progress. When talking to new training clients at my gym one of the biggest factors holding people back from their fitness aspirations is a lack of motivation. Here are 5 ways to stay on track regardless how you feel and if the motivation counter is down to zero.

Prepare A Battle Plan

Wars are won with strategy. It goes the same when it comes to our own daily battles with meals and finding time to exercise. My personal battle plans are devised weekly and daily.

Be Consistent Not Perfect

I find that a lot of people’s worst enemy is the quest for perfection. If a workout is skipped or a chocolate donut devoured they just fall off the wagon and quit.

This Is Bigger Than You

One of the forces that drive me to live a fit lifestyle is that I love being a dad. It’s really what I do best. I want to be around as long as possible to be with my family.


Health and Fitness Enthusiast


Best 3 motivation tips for 2017:

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. To achieve results that last, I recommend

Finding Workouts You Enjoy And Switching Them Up

If you like the workouts you’re doing, you’ll likely develop a habit of keeping up with them. Try out new classes. Workout at home some days and in the gym on other days.

Enlist A Friend

Having a buddy to live a healthier lifestyle with will not only keep you accountable, but it will make the process fun and enjoyable.

Track Your Progress

Seeing progress both inside and out is the best way to keep your motivation sky high. Ditch the scale and instead assess your progress with photos, journaling and physical strength.


Editor and Fitness Expert


My three tips on getting motivated for 2017 are as follows:

Keep A Training Log

One of the keys to progressing in the gym is to keep an accurate training log. You get fitter/stronger/bigger by gradually increasing the key stressors on your body over time.

Take A Cold Shower

I’ve recently introduced cold showers into my daily regimen for their health benefits and invigorating qualities.

Get More Sleep

I see many trainees doing everything right when it comes to eating and training, but letting themselves down results-wise by not getting enough rest and recovery.


The Diet & Fitness Expert For Cnnhealth


Lose The All Or Nothing Mentality

So many of my patients get off track because they think that if they can’t get their full workout in they can/should just skip their workout that day – this is absolutely incorrect.

Have A Plan B When It Comes To Exercise

If you can’t make it to that 5am spin class have a backup plan (or two). If you don’t it’s too easy for life to get in the way and for your to quickly get out of your exercise routine.

Sit Less

While this isn’t exactly a fitness tip it does factor into improving health as research shows that regardless of how much exercise you get sitting too much can increase your risk of dying.


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder


Three tips for 2017.

Overthinking Is Bad

Don’t over analyze your meal plan. It is impossible to start with a perfect “diet”. Just put together a solid meal plan and then adjust it as you go. Just get in the game!

Go A Bit Easy On Yourself

Don’t take out all the foods you love, even if you think they are bad! Try to eat nutrient rich, non-processed foods 90% of the time, but the other 10% of the time, enjoy fun food!

Fitness Takes Priority

Make exercise a priority. Set aside time to exercise 4 or 5 days a week, and don’t deviate from it. Pretty soon it will be a habit and will become ingrained into your daily routine!


Registered Dietitian


Tyr Getting Outdoors

Instead of sitting inside during your lunch break make an excuse to get outdoors for some fresh air. Getting outside not only will increase your step count, but it’ll help you absorb vitamin D.

Home Lunches

Make your lunch at home either the night before or on the morning. When you make lunch from home you are more in control of what goes into it.

Get Social

Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is a popular thing to do during a lunch-time break, but why not make your Friday scrolling healthy.


Academic Medical Doctor


Regular Exercise

Exercise may be in moderation but exercise often, at least 5 times a week for at least 20-30 minutes.

Keep It Fun And Light

Exercise should be fun and relaxing… the “no pain, no gain” era is a bygone and leads to stress and injuries.

Develop A Routine

If you are exercising for weight loss, exercise at the same time and do the same exercise daily.


Wellness Expert and Author


What would be your 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?

Remember Why You Started

So often we lose motivation because we’re focused on the desired goal, not the initial intention. If the goal is to lose weight, remind yourself why losing weight is important to you.

Reframe Your Idea of Time

People tend to lose motivation when their goals don’t match up with the expected time frame. Time is a resource, not the determining factor between success and failure.

Your Journey Doesn’t Need To Look Like Anyone Else’s

Comparison is the stepfather of disappointment. STOP COMPARING! Your journey is just as unique as you are. So what if Sarah from work just joined a bikini competition.


Bodybuilder and Gym Owner


What would be your 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?

Have The Right Mindset

The first tip in fitness motivation is prepare your MINDSET. The biggest cause of failure in fitness is the lack of focus and drive to succeed and reach goals.

Choose The Right Program

Now that you have the right mental focus, find a program that fits YOU not someone else that you have read about in a fitness magazine or seen in a video.

Set The Right Goals

Set your goals and make them challenging yet realistic so you do not set yourself up for failure. Short term goals are as important as long term ones.




Get In The Zone

Sometimes it may be a run or a HIIT workout, others it may be yoga class or a walk in nature. Even a powerful, deep breathing meditation can create the same release as a workout.

Don’t Follow The Crowd When It Comes To Food

When you choose a balanced diet for your specific needs you can feel good about what you eat. Even the occasional splurge. We are all wired differently.

Be Present

Take some time to be alone. Make rest and sleep a priority. Turn off the TV. Spend time with people who make you forget about your phone. Spend time in places that have “no service”.

Workout Motivation Quote #4
“You shall gain, but you shall pay with sweat, blood, and vomit.”
Pavel Tsatsouline, chairman of StrongFirst and father of the modern kettlebell movement


Co-Founder and Director


Pilates is for life

Stand tall, walk tall, sit tall. Remember to breath… However please don’t try to keep your core permanently engaged, that would only be appropriate if you were lifting a heavy object.

‘Sweat the small stuff’

This adage might not be good advice for our daily lives but it it’s great advice for your Pilates practice. It is the precision of what we do that makes all the difference in our workouts.


Fat Loss Expert


What would be your 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?


Shift your habitual thinking. Reframe thinking from “I HAVE to workout” to “I WANT to workout” think about the benefits. You can use this technique with food as well.


Visualization is a highly effective technique that successful people utilize. Visualize yourself performing your workout of choice, utilize all of your senses, and how you are feeling.

Subscribe to a Fitness Newsletter/Blog

Surround yourself with fitness – friends you associate with, the food you buy to the type of information you read. Consistently receiving fitness related emails can be a powerful force!


Powerlifter, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


You are Important

Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself. Your health, your fitness, and your goals are yours and yours alone.

Listen to Yourself

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for prioritizing your health. Ignore the people who make you feel bad for eating “healthy” when you’re out at a restaurant.

Have Fun Working Out

If you aren’t having fun with your workouts…you’re doing it wrong. Working out is supposed to be fun. And if anyone tells you otherwise, get away.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer and Hypnotherapist


My top tips are:

Fun Fitness

Get into the many fun fitness fusions like Silent Disco Yoga, or Nightclub Spin classes, to keep your fitness routine super fun and social.

Eating for Your Genes

There is no one-size-fits-all diet or eating plan. But science has finally integrated into a user friendly system to tell you exactly what to eat for your unique genetic profile.

Mindful Eating

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen, but the latest eating craze is about HOW you eat. Mindful eating is a super easy method to eat slower, and get more nutrition.


Wellness Expert and Trainer


Create a Schedule

Schedule workouts and lunches with a friend to keep yourself accountable and make it fun.


Take time to meditate, so you prevent stress from overwhelming your mind, energy, and results.

Make Workouts Fun

Find something you loooooove to do. If you are bored in your workout, your physique will look bored. Get active with a new innovative workout that strengthens your body and spirit.


Owner and Fitness Trainer


Here we are approaching the NEW YEAR and our first thought that comes to mind is “how can we make this year different?” “How can I overcome my fears, shortcomings and leave my excuses at the door?” This is YOUR year! The one where you will not only set goals to accomplish, but you will CRUSH them.

Three ways to exceed your fitness goals and ensure your success in 2017:

Set Attainable Goals

Our goal is to create a healthy lifestyle and I believe that “it’s a marathon not a sprint to the finish line.” Rome was not build in a day so don’t put excess pressure on yourself.

Find Your Motivation

What is your motivation to succeed? Health? Fitting back into an old pair of jeans? Your children? A sport? Personal competition? Whatever your motive may be USE IT!

Develop a Plan Of Action

Set your schedule ahead of time. This only sets you up for success long term. When your workouts are built into your schedule then it leaves little wiggle room for failure.


Fitness and Weight Loss Expert


Do what feels good for YOU and YOUR body

Make it FUN

Just 10 minutes counts


Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist


Here are my motivation tips

Find a Friend and Set a Goal

Working with a partner or in a team keeps you focused and accountable in reaching any fitness goal. Nothing like having like-minded people support and motivate you!

Group Cleanse

Try a cleanse that will help you support your workout routine. Consider eating clean and detox for 2-4 weeks. You will feel amazing and more than likely keep up with a cleaner lifestyle

Try Something Different

Try something you’ve always wanted to try, then do it. Make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do and have been making excuses why you haven’t done it.


Certified Personal Trainer


Find Your Goals

Set a goal and spend some time thinking about the” why”. What is the reason you want to achieve this goal and try to be as specific as possible.

Devise a Plan

Find a training program that you enjoy and that you can stick to in the long run.

Nutritious Diet

Focus primarily on whole food in your diet, but have some flexibility as well to enjoy some tasty food. Being too restrictive can make it difficult to stick to it in the long run.




Focus on Small Wins

It’s not always about losing 1-2 pounds per week. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might not lose any weight during the week. Don’t be discouraged from pushing forward.

Stop Looking for The Perfect Plan

The perfect workout or diet plan doesn’t exist. There is a NO workout plan with the perfect exercises, rest intervals, and rep scheme out there.

The perfect plan is the one where you just start and adapt based on your results and lifestyle.

Toughen Up

We live in a generation where everyone wants everything handed to them on a silver platter. People have become unwilling to put in the work if they don’t see noticeable results quickly.

Workout Motivation Quote #5
“There’s no secret formula. I lift heavy, work hard, and aim to be the best.”
Ronnie Coleman, eight-time Mr. Olympia




Stay Strong, Stay Consistent

My tip for 2017 is simply consistency. Stop with the diet, stop with binge exercising for a week and then nothing for the the next 3… just do something for you daily.

Fitness Every Day

Move your body daily – whether it’s a good sweat or strengthen session, a simple stretch in the morning or a walk around the block at lunch just get in the habit of moving every day.

Enjoy Fitness

Live!! Enjoy what you do!! Move in ways you love so you actually do it. Don’t force yourself to eat kale if you have it, there is plenty of other greens out there.


Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert


Here are my 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017:

Forget About Motivation

The problem with motivation is that it comes and it goes. Some days, the sun is out and you feel unstoppable. On other days the opposite is true. Develop HABITS.

Focus on The System

The traditional advice on goal setting goes something like this: Set a specific goal, such as losing 20 pounds of fat or gaining 10 pounds of muscle. Then set yourself a deadline.

Jump Right In

It’s tempting to think that you need to wait until you “know it all” before getting started on a particular diet or exercise program. It’s just another form of procrastination. Just do it!


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What are my 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?

Accept Change

Acknowledge and accept change-change in your body, change in your relationships, change in your career. Know that you have the power within to become a better you.

Find Your Goals

Set an intention to be healthier. Once you set an intention and send it out into the universe, you have set the ball the rolling. Follow through by making a plan for your eating and movement.

Be Positive

Surround yourself with positivity, cut out the negativity. Sometimes we hold on because it is convenient but not in our best interest. Keep what serves you and your goals, discard the rest.


Diabetes Advocate @American Diabetes Association


Schedule Your Workouts

We are all so busy. But if our workouts are scheduled into our day we will get it done Making our health a priority will put exercise on the forefront of our minds.

Make Fitness Goals and Stick to Them!!

Make effective fitness goals. Many join gyms and many stick with it for a short period of time. Make your goal a 3 to 6 month goal. It takes time to see results especially when starting out.

Take The Time to Create a Vision Board

This can be done with friends or family. Cut out pictures and words that inspire you. Create it the way that will help you achieve your fitness goals.


Owner Of State Of Fitness In East Lansing


To truly be motivated you have to understand the why. You have to know what fitness really means to you. It can not just be about lifting weights, sets, reps, building muscle and losing fat. So, I ask each one of my clients these questions that are essentially tips.

Find What Fitness Means to You

Is it just looking good? Are you doing it for your spouse? Fat loss? For me it is being able to do the things I want to do in a productive manner. Find your motivation rather than just numbers.

Habit-Based Goals

Take one goal each month and master it and move onto the next one. After you master 4, revisit and repeat. Adding protein, veggies, nutrient-dense food are some examples.


Lastly, set 10-minutes aside each day to move. It doesn’t matter what it is. Walking, swinging a kettlebell or playing with your kids. Just move everyday and watch the magic happen.


Motivational Health Speaker


3 motivation tips for 2017:

Find Routines You Like

Make sure your exercise/physical activity is something that really zings you. If you don’t like what you are doing, you aren’t going to make the time to even show up.

Have Defined Targets

Set goals as to what you want to get out of the activity. Weight loss, stress reduction, competition, overall fitness, strength, or flexibility, whatever it is, know it so you can reach for it.

Remind Yourself

That you are doing this for YOU. You deserve to be on your to do list. It is not a bad thing to take time away from kids, family, work, whatever to make sure you are healthy. This is important.


NASM Personal Trainer, Master Instructor, and Creator of My Hot Body Project


Keep It Exciting

People can get bored with almost anything if they don’t seek out new challenges, skills and experiences.

Challenge Yourself

There are a lot of 30 day challenges these days. Some are better than others. I recommend choosing one by an experienced and certified fitness professional.

Gain New Experiences

A new experience might be a new class at a gym or something totally out of your norm like an aerial silks class, partner yoga, or combat training.


Chiropractic Physician & Ergonomic Assessment Specialist


Here are my 3 Fitness Tips

Fitness First

Always place fitness as the priority in your day that you have chosen to work out. Don’t place other activities as a priority for that day.

Eat Healthy

The healthier you eat, the more likely you will be to get activity and exercise as a priority in your life.

Consider group fitness

Build camaraderie with your peers. This will give you a sense of teamwork and accountability. Accountability partners can be instrumental in maintaining your exercise program.


Yoga Instructor/Trainer & Mind Body Connection Expert


Here are my 3 simple tips to stay motivated in 2017.

Get a Calendar

Write your monthly goals (as opposed to yearly ones). When you set a yearly goal without checking your progress. Write it down and check with your goal/goals at least every month.

Vary Your Exercise Routine

Partner up with a buddy, sign up for a class and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone a little bit (in a tolerable way) every time. Keep it interesting and exciting for you.

Work Out With Your Mind and Body As One

To add mindfulness all you need is your full undivided attention to your breath. As you stay mindful through your workouts, you’ll notice how great it feels to get the body moving.


Senior Advisor For Health and Fitness Education


Here are my top three tips for getting (and staying) motivated to be active in 2017.

Keep Your “Why” Front Of Mind

One way to fuel fitness motivation is to hone in on your personal reasons for being active. Whether your objective is to lose weight, decrease stress or increase your energy levels.

Enjoy The Experience

Finding a form of movement that you enjoy is crucial to maintaining your motivation, as the more enjoyment the activity brings, the more likely you are to adhere to a regular routine.

Be Flexible In Your Approach

Flexibility is important not just physically, but also mentally. People assume that in order to be fit they have to commit to spending at least 60 minutes a day performing workouts.

Workout Motivation Quote #6
“If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied.”
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, professional wrestler and actor



 width=100 – Motivational tips for 2017

Consistency > Intensity

If you are just starting out consistency is more important than intensity. Make your routine manageable in terms of your schedule and budget.

Calisthenics is The Key

Learn proper form in bodyweight basics like pushups, squats and planks that you can do anytime, anywhere, no equipment needed.

Stay Mobile

Choose to move throughout the day. For every hour of sitting, get up and walk around for five minutes to get your blood flowing and do a few stretches to counteract sedentary work.


Lawyer and Editor


End Comparisons

Don’t compare yourself to where others are at in their fitness journey. What’s the point? It’s more likely to pull you down than it is pump you up, so set your own goals.

Nutrition is Important

Eat well. If you’re not sure how to adequately fuel your body for the workouts you do, seek professional advice from a dietitian. They can help you work wonders!

Get Good Workout Gear

Get some workout gear that you feel comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious in an outfit. Get something to wear that makes YOU feel great!


Certified Personal Trainer and PN Coach


Motivate Yourself and Set Goals

Find motivation to conquer your goals in 2017 and set performance goals! When you set a goal to do 5 unassisted pull-ups or run a 5k without stopping you can measure the goal.


Home Workout Expert


Have a Vision

Identify what you want to accomplish and why it matters to you

Take Stock

Get clear on what tradeoffs will have to be made in order to reach those goals

Create a Schedule

Make time for it. I’m often amazed by how many people skip this step. Make it an appointment with yourself in your schedule.


Physical Therapist & Certified Personal Trainer


If I had to list my 3 biggest fitness motivation tips for the new year they would be

Find An Online Group For Support And Accountability

When you start a fitness journey alone it’s easy to lose energy quickly. With an accountability group, you surround yourself with others accomplishing the same goals.

Workout In The Morning

If you’re busy (okay, who’s not?) you need to embrace morning workouts. Most of us have jam packed schedules from 8:00am until bedtime. Getting your workout in early.

Find Workouts You Love

I hate biking (there, I said it!) So I don’t bike. If you force yourself to do something each day that you dread, it will be difficult to keep going. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and stick with it!


Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist


Reasonable Goals

Avoid putting a time frame to meet the goal, for example losing 10 pounds by March, rather set goal for 10 pounds. Make sure you take time to rest and cheerlead yourself.

Adequate Rest

An important consideration is to get rest per your body needs, eat nutritiously, maintain medication as prescribed if relevant, avoid or not use mood altering substances.


Personal Trainer


The three best motivational tips I can give for 2017 would be to

Focus on Behavior or Performance

… rather than outcomes to increase adherence. People get wrapped up in losing “x” amount of weight or inches or whatever. But have no control over that outcome.

Search For Meaning

Find your why, meaning why are you exercising or dieting. It shouldn’t be punishment or have negative connotations. It should be about creating a new you.

Enjoy The Journey

Lastly avoid looking at how far you have to go, it’s about how far you’ve come. We get wrapped up in a goal and not even looking back at how much we’ve accomplished.




Have Long and Short Term Goals

Set both long term and short term goals. Long term goals are great, but I feel having smaller goals is important as well.

Give Yourself a Break

Do not beat yourself up if you miss a training session or have an unplanned “cheat” meal. I’ve seen people struggle with their diet because they go out and eat badly.

Focus on The Journey

… and not the destination. Sure many people want the big arms or the six pack abs, but fitness is really more about the healthy lifestyle.


Fitness Expert


Stay Flexible

My one advice would be all about being flexible – in your daily routines, in your approach to self-care and in your overall fitness goals. Allow yourself wiggle room.


The Owner Of 2 Gyms


Embrace The Cold

Taking a cold shower teaches your mind to be resilient and persevere in tough situations. Also it reduces inflammation and wakes you up better than coffee.

Get Your Lymphatic System Going Early

You have 3 times more lymph than blood in your body, but unlike your heart no pump to get it moving. Jump up and down 100 times or do 2 minutes on jump rope first thing when you wake up.

Amazing Everest

Anytime that you don’t feel like working out or think that you can’t because of this or that, Google search the following phrase “man with no legs climbs mount everest”.

Workout Motivation Quote #7
“Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure.”
Sylvester Stallone, actor


Owner/Fitness Blogger


What would be your 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?

My 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017 would be

Mix It Up a Little

Don’t stick with the same routine every single day. You will burn yourself out just doing the same thing over and over again.

Don’t Make Excuses

My excuse all the time is I don’t have the energy to exercise. Really exercise gives you energy. Don’t let excesses like this get in the way of not having a fitness routine.

Make Time

Have you ever said I just don’t have the time to exercise? Everyone has 20 -30 minutes to do something for exercise. I am a very busy mother and wife and still find time.


Owner/Fitness Blogger


Just Start

Truth is that if you don’t start today, you never will. It’s easy to procrastinate and tell yourself you’ll start a new eating plan or going to the gym or working with a coach or or or …

To Make One Change at a Time

Sometimes getting in shape seems like a huge mountain to climb – just focus on making small changes and stick to it. Wk1 – drink more water Wk2 – eat breakfast and so on…

Not to Negotiate Time for You

If you had a very important appointment in your diary – you wouldn’t cancel it, especially if you knew it was crucial you attend. Have the same sense of importance to workouts.


Owner Health and Fitness Coach


Below are my 3 best motivation tips for 2017.

Find Something You Dig!

Stop trying to motivate yourself to do exercise that you don’t want to do! Instead, start a list of 5 types of movement that interest you and try each one at least twice.

Think Small

Consistency beats intensity every time. Research is confirming: to get, and especially to stay fit, you have to stop thinking big and start thinking small.

Start a Body Gratitude & Acknowledgement Journal

Try writing down 3+ things about your body that you are grateful for and repeat every day. You don’t have to struggle to take care of or show up for the people you love–it’s natural.


Family Medicine and Holistic Medicine Physician


My 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017 would be the following

Fitness Makes You Feel Good

Exercise has been scientifically proven to release some of the same mood boosting chemicals as drugs and antidepressants. If you need an instant mood lift, work out for 20-30 minutes.

Get Better Sleep

Exercise also improves sleep quality. We know that people who exercise get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Keep Burning Calories

When you regularly exercise and are physically fit, your body continues to burn calories for several hours after the workout.


Fitness Professional, Mentor For Trainers


My top three tips

Have Goals

Know what you want to get out of this year, commit to taking daily action to achieve it.

Effective Support System

Surround yourself with people who will support, constructively advise, and encourage you along the way.


CEO and Founder


Focus on “Why”

First of all, it’s important to focus on the WHY…the purpose behind working out. Not just the goal, but the reason behind the goal.

Keep Motivation Burning

When you’re motivationally inspired to accomplish a goal, you’re coming from an entirely different place… a place where you don’t have a dream, but that dream has you.


Post your updates on social media for accountability. Find a friend to train with you for accountability.

Create a motivational playlist of music. Here are a couple of the songs on my playlist:

  • Sunshine in My Pocket (Justin Timberlake)
  • Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)


Personal Trainer And A Registered Nurse


Change Your Eating Habits

My fitness motivation if you are looking to lose weight this year is to make a commitment to changing your bad eating habits. The best way to do so is by tracking your food and being aware of the damage that you are doing daily. A great and free app that I recommend to all my clients is My Fitness Pal. Download it and use it every day to track your food. If you do that and record accurately (daily), you will be successful!

Be Committed

Don’t fall off track just because you had a bad eating day or even week. Record your food and learn from that bad day or week. Also, do not stop doing what’s working because you are getting results, it’s foolish. So keep doing what works and don’t divert from it. So often I see clients record their food and lose a lot of weight then they believe they got it, they stop recording and then start putting weight on. Keep track of your food to stay aware of the damages that you are doing daily. Never stop doing what is working, stay committed to it!

Good Nutrition is 80% of The Battle

As a nurse and personal trainer, I have a lot patients and clients who tell me all the time, “I work out all the time but I’m not losing weight.” The biggest thing that will contribute to your weight loss is what you eat, not how many hours you spend at the gym. Most people overestimate how many calories they burn during exercise and underestimate how much calories they are eating. Walking a mile at a moderate pace, burns roughly 70 calories, now how many foods only have 70 calories? The biggest difference will be made in your eating – so focus on eating better. Being active is important but put an even bigger importance on good eating habits.




Form Habits

Forget about motivation: it never lasts for long. Focus on forming habits instead: even on days when you can’t face the gym, just go, stretch, do six kettlebell swings and have a shower.

Prepare For The Worst

Make worst-case-scenario plans. What are you going to do if it’s impossible to get to the gym: just give up on training that day? Decide, on a back-up plan.

Greater Than 0

Focus on non-zero days. A ‘zero day’ is one where you don’t move any closer to your goal: try to eliminate them. If it’s 11pm on Thursday and everything else went wrong, just do *something*.


Health-Fitness Coach, Author, Speaker


A Calendar

The most important aspect in maintaining your health and attaining any fitness goal is to exercise regularly. A visual reminder can be a simple, though highly-effective way to stay on track.

Find An Exercise Partner

Peer pressure works. If you know that you have planned a 3-mile walk with your friend at 8AM on Saturday, you will be more likely to do it.

Sign-Up For A Race or A Tournament

If you sign-up for a race, or, a tennis tournament, you are more likely to stick to a regular exercise routine.


Founder Online Holistic Health Academy, Satori Institute.


Body is an Extension of The Mind

Understand and utilize this fact. Changes in disposition toward and perception of the physical body will reflect themselves in the appearance and functionality of the physical body.

Your Body isn’t A Machine

Your body wants to be healthy, so it will always work with you in improving its health when you respect and appreciate it. Don’t stress it too much and listen to it.

Identify Goals

Visualize where you want to be then clarify how health or fitness improvements will support your achievement of that dream.

Workout Motivation Quote #8
“Don’t be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed.”
LeBron James, two-time NBA Championship winner


Healthy Home Expert


Here are the three motivation tips

Stay Active

Yes, cleaning counts! As a Healthy Home Expert, I am always encouraging vacuuming, dusting, and de-cluttering in the home.

Musically Inclined

When you are feeling unmotivated , Turn on some upbeat music! It always gets me moving even when I am exhausted from work or life.

Follow a Fitness Expert

People often tell me, I motivate them to keep healthy homes and create wonderful living spaces. To get inspired for fitness activities, follow a professional whose job is to encourage you. They will have all the latest information on new tricks and exercise, and if they are good at their job, will have you excited about undergoing a new fitness routine.


Director Of Canberra’S Live Well Spa & Wellness Centre


What would be your 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?


Spark your motivation and keep the momentum flowing by connecting to the reasons why you want to boost your fitness in 2017 by asking yourself how you want to feel?


Bring compassion along for the journey. Failure is human, missing a day’s training happens. Instead of beating yourself up take this opportunity to practice acceptance.


To set a goal is courageous, it opens up the risk of judgement and failure. Make sure you nurture your courage in the same way you would light a campfire.


Nurse and Fitness Expert


Most people lack enough motivation to live a truly healthy lifestyle. Compounding the problem is that most well-meaning healthcare, diet and exercise professionals prescribe a lifestyle that is far too difficult to follow. Failure ensues. The three most important tips to enhance motivation are:

Realistic Goals

Keep the behavior changes simple, realistic and doable.

Choose Effectively

Allow the person to select the change that he or she thinks that they can make.

Stay Positive

All positive behavior change counts!


Co Founder and Teacher


Our three best fitness motivation tips for 2017 can be summarized as the 3 Fs: Flexibility, Fun and Food.


By building fitness into our daily routines it means it becomes almost effortless. As the work schedule during the day changes so your fitness routines can adapt.


Solo fitness is fine but it can be a lot more fun and energizing if we link up with friends. Some activities only work if teams or groups of people are involved.


Your staple diet should be both smart and healthy. Eating lots of salads and fruit is healthy up to a point, but it may not be very smart.


Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer


Plan to Get Fit

Sit down on a Sunday night and plan in your workouts for the week. When you have it all scheduled into your working week it’s really hard to say that you don’t have the time.

Find Support

Get other people involved in your fitness goals. Whether it be organising one workout a week with a friend that you can do together, having an accountability buddy.

Organized Fitness

Get organised. If you know you have an early morning bootcamp class, organise your things the night before: lay out your clothes and shoes, pack your workout bag and set your alarm.


Emotional Eating Recovery Coach


A Weigh Out’s 3 Best Fitness Motivation Tips for 2017

If you’re having trouble sticking to your exercise plan, consider the role your emotions might be playing

Are You Resistant Because You Don’t Want to “Feel”?

When we get up and decide to move our bodies, we come alive. We FEEL EVERYTHING; physically and emotionally.

Identify Your “Setback Warning Signs”

Look back to times in your past when you committed to an exercise routine, stuck to the regimen for a little while, then stopped following through. What else was going on in your life at that time?

Stop Those “Warning Signs” From Turning Into Actual “Setbacks”

When you first feel that familiar pull toward scheduling something over your commitment to exercise, turn to a statement or mantra you’ve created ahead of time that addresses any resistance to feel, i.e.,“I exercise because I am committed to taking great care of my body and my health. NOTHING is more important than taking great care of me, right now.”


Fitness Expert


Get Enough Sleep

Take care of your sleep throughout the day (i.e., including eating right for your microbiome, managing your caffeine intake, exposing yourself to sunlight, avoiding sitting)

Focus on Health

Focus on health over aesthetics (mobilize your hips, back and shoulders regularly; do compound movements instead of bodybuilding single joint exercises.

Have Fun!

Vary your training (reps, sets, set rest, intensity/weight, exercise order) for fun and development; breakout of homeostasis instead of getting stuck in a rout and on plateaus.




3 Best Fitness Motivation Tips for 2017:

My first tip is about the


It doesn’t matter how you do the workout, whether it is hitting a gym or doing cross fit exercise or maybe it’s calisthenics but your first goal for 2017 is the regularity.

New Beginnings

Start by setting your Fitness Goals. It could be anything, it could be gaining/losing weight or getting in shape. Fitness goals inspire you to push your limits even further.

Promising Yourself

Promise yourself that in 2017, you won’t eat unhealthy junk food and you will take care of your diet. Eating junk and oily food adversely affects our body and nullify out workout even.


Certified Personal Trainer


Commit to Fitness

Commit to exercising for just 30 minutes a day, four days a week for six weeks. Pick days and times that work for you and your schedule and stick with it, no matter what.

New Goals

Once you’ve slayed that 30 minute commitment for six solid weeks, make a new six-week goal to increase the intensity of your weekly workouts (and the time if you can) by 15%.

Don’t Guilt-Trip Workout

Never work out because you’re feeling guilty about eating half a pie or because you hate your body and are doing in the hopes of finally “loving yourself.”


Weight Loss And Fitness Expert


What would be your 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?

Learn How to Deadlift

When learned properly, it is safe and arguably the single best exercise one can do. We know that, even after ALL other variables are accounted for, the stronger you are, the longer you will live.

Do Not Go All Out Right Off The Bat

Killing yourself in the gym on January 2nd and never going back because you are so sore will do you no good in the long run.

Think Before Doing Crossfit

It sounds cool, but Olympic lifts are NOT designed to be done for high reps to exhaustion. In my experience, most people who do CrossFit end up with either minor or major injury.

Workout Motivation Quote #9
“I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve—not only to please the coach and the fans—but also to feel satisfied with myself.”
Cristiano Ronaldo, forward for Real Madrid and captain of the Portuguese National Soccer Team


President And Chief Wellness Officer


My three best fitness motivation tips

Find Fun Being Active

Stay active in a way that is fun to you, and just get moving in some way, shape, or form.

Reward Yourself

If you need to, establish ways that you will “reward” yourself for meeting a goal that is/was tough for you to accomplish.

Smaller Goals

Set small goals for yourself. Meet the “mini-milestones” you establish for yourself. If you do something each day, that amounts to 365 accomplishments in a year.


Certified Personal Trainer


Partner Up!

One of the best ways to keep you motivated towards your fitness goals is to find a partner. That way you can keep each other accountable.

Fitness Tracker

Start using a fitness tracker like a FitBit or an Apple watch. It will keep track of your fitness level for each day and even remind you when you haven’t been moving.

Set Goals and Write Them Down

After you do this tape them to your computer or somewhere in your workspace so that you will see them through your day.


Director, Michael Wood Fitness and Chief Fitness Officer @KokoFitClub


What would be your 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?

HIIT Helps

Add 1-2 HIT training sessions in on the cardio side. Increase the speed for 30 seconds, then again at a faster pace for 20 seconds, finally, all-out for 10 seconds, recover and repeat.

Measure Your Steps

Buy or bring back that pedometer for 2017. Get an average step count. then progress by 500-1000 steps a week until you’re consistently getting 7500-10k steps a week.

Nutrition is Key

Tie the two previous tips I mentioned with one simple nutritional tip to see those inches or body fat melt away: monitor added sugar. Women should take in

#94. PHIL

Career And Executive Coach


My 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017 are

Set Goals, and Stick to Them

Without clearly defined goals what are you trying to achieve in 2017? Take the time to sit down and plan out some weekly, monthly, and even annually.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone builds character, builds confidence, and helps us to achieve things we never thought possible.

Visualize and Believe in Yourself

Always dreamed of that perfect physique or setting a new personal best on a certain exercise? It’s time to start visualizing yourself doing it and believing in yourself, because you can do it.


Movement Therapist And Body Awareness Specialist


Do Something, Anything!

If you don’t have time to “exercise” at least move. Wiggle, fidget, shake…

Start From Feet Upwards

Good movement starts from the ground up. Give yourself a foot massage – using your hands circle your ankles, bend your toes forward and back, fold your feet up and down and in and out.

Loose Hips

To help keep your hips supple, don’t just walk forward. Take some sideways steps and some backwards step, which help put your hip joints through their entire range of motion.


Blogger, And Weight Loss Coach


I am looking forward to a great year in 2017, I want to make sure I stay true to my fitness goals and also help others along the way. These fitness tips also speak to me, and I hope they motivate you to keep living the healthy fit life.

No matter what, start the year with a good cleanse.

Don’t strive to be skinny, rather work towards being healthy and staying healthy.

Slowly but surely, the work you have put it will show.


Owner, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model And Blogger


My three best fitness tips for the new year

Forgive Yourself

Don’t hold onto the things you didn’t get to or goals you didn’t quite achieve in the past. Keep your head forward, be positive and focus on the great things you can accomplish.

Set Goals and Hold Yourself Accountable

Write down weekly attainable goals, even something as small as drinking enough water each day. Every time you reach a goal it really helps motivate you to stay on track.

Keep Your Fitness Pals Close

Setting appointments for a healthy lunch or a great workout with a friend is so motivating. If you are someone who usually works out alone, having a fitness partner can help you.


Fitness Consultant | Personal Trainer


The 3 things that get me up and moving when I have no desire to exercise (yes, it happens to use fitness professionals too!)

Short Term Goals

Tell myself I only have to go for 10 min. That’s it. Only once have I quit after 10 min. 99% of the time I get into the workout, break a sweat, the endorphins kick in and I keep going.

Write Down Excuses

If I am thinking of blowing off a workout, I make myself write down the reason(s). Not only does it help me address the reason, I tend to identify a pattern.

Get Outside

If I can do my warm up outside in the fresh air and preferable sunshine, my mood changes. The motivation I gain from even 5 min outdoors is enough to help me continue my workout.


Fitness Writer


Drink more water

Do more compound lifts

Focus on increasing the weight over all else


Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert


Fitness motivation tips for 2017

Put The Past Behind You

Forget about how you were lazy and unmotivated in the past, forget about all the late night snacks you had or unhealthy habits you may have acquired throughout your past.

Like Attracts Like

Surrounding yourself with a few people that are interested in reaching similar fitness goals as you is one of the easiest ways to be motivated.

Remember Your Goal

People are either afraid to take the first step or they take the first step and get discouraged at how long the journey is or they take the first step and and eventually end up getting stuck.

Workout Motivation Quote #10
“You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.”
Michael Phelps, swimmer and 18-time Olympic gold medalist


Former Navy Pilot, Creator of The Crossrope Jump Rope System


Just Get Started

The hardest thing about change is getting started. Often that first step can be the most difficult one, but once you can break through that initial barrier it’s smooth sailing. Just remember that getting started doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or fancy trainers. You already have everything you need to get started.

Track Your Results

There’s nothing more motivating than trying to beat your previous score. Keep a little journal of your workouts and mark down your results. This will allow you to challenge yourself and also track your progress which can be incredibly motivating in itself.

Find Someone to Keep You Accountable

Keeping yourself motivated can be difficult if you’re trying to do it on your own. Find a workout partner or someone to keep you accountable. And if you don’t have someone, find an online fitness community to join. You’ll meet new people from all across the world who are trying to achieve similar results as you.


Founder and Head Consultant


Here are my two cents

To quote renowned American philosopher and writer Elbert Hubbard:

“Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage, but simply because they have never organised their energies around a goal.”


Set SMART fitness goals.

S – specific, significant, stretching

M – measurable, meaningful, motivational

A – agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented

R – realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented

T – time-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable

Make a video recording to show to friends/workout partners. This may help inspire you to go further.

Pack a nutritious workout snack/smoothie to reward yourself when you attain any set goal.

Final Thoughts About Workout Motivation Tips For 2017

So there you have it, workout motivation tips right from the experts!

After reading through all this, you realize that most of these experts aren’t talking about huge gains or throwing around heavy weights and strict diets. They are all talking about not being lazy and doing something just to get rid of those “zero” days. All you require is to watch your diet, and be consistent about working out. And never beat yourself up for those days when you are not able to give a 100%.

When it comes to workouts, you always have to think positive and plan for longstanding gains rather than the short game. Hopefully these workout motivation tips from the experts have given you the fuel to fire up those fitness goals. Work hard, play hard!

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