Water Fast and the Generous Rewards

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If you decide to take the plunge and go on a water fast, there are bountiful rewards, even after just 24 hours of abstinence from food.

The first, and the whole point of a fast, is the weight loss. Plan on about a kilogram dropped for every one day fast. The added bonuses are the sensation of having cleansed your body (it’s not just a sensation) and the psychological boost of enthusiasm for further dieting because of the quick initial weight loss.

There is, however, only one true fast – The Water Fast. On it, you eat nothing and drink only water. Anyone who tells you that you can sip fruit juice is on the wrong track and certainly not talking about a fast. Possibly they are thinking of the liquid diet. Fruit juices are totally out.

It really begins when you eat your last evening meal. Don’t treat yourself to a banquet; if you do you’ll probably eat sufficient calories to take care of those missed on the fast. Instead, eat a light dinner. Something like a glass of tomato juice, a piece of grilled fish and a small salad.

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The fast officially starts on rising the next morning, when you drink your first glass of water (this should be a daily habit anyway).

What sort of water is important? Distilled water is pure but it contains zero added minerals. Tap water is suitable, but it’s dull, does not always taste delicious and in some country areas tastes positively awful.

Mineral water is the best. Its bubbling purity contains added minerals (like calcium) but of course there are no calories. Sip it slowly throughout the day, as much as you wish. And garnished with a slice of lemon, it looks even more inviting.

During the day go about your normal activities; this is just another ordinary day. It’s no excuse to skip housework, stay at home or forget to organize the family’s dinner.

However, if you play a hard game of tennis once a week, or any other sport, this day is one day to skip it. Don’t go for any excessively strenuous activity.

At the end of the day, you’ll be sapped of all energy, so fall into bed for your required hours of sleep. On waking the next day, push back offers of bacon and eggs and simply have a glass of fruit juice (the traditional way to take vitamin C) and a poached egg. That’s all you need. Ease back carefully into daily eating habits, watching the calories more closely.

If you continue to water fast…

Please take note, even the healthiest person should undertake this only under the supervision of his or her doctor. Simply sip on water for two or more days. The longer the water fast, the more you need to cut down on physical activity during the day.

Any fast should stop the moment you experience dizziness. Drink a glass of fruit juice and lie down. When you feel better, eat a small, easily digestible meal. A bowl of clear soup is easiest on the tummy.

All this caution is reasonable and must be heeded, but do that and you’ll throw the calories to the wind.

Written by Natalia Moore from LifeTips

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