A Valentine Love Letter For You From Us


Aloe Bay!

I’m a little Chilli this afternoon but I needed to write this special valentine love letter to you. Let’s Avo-cuddle. later today.
There are so many out there. But, what do you call a fake Noodle? An Im-pasta! Muffin compares to you.
Lime yours and… I’m Soy into you.
I know you like big Cassava. Don’t be scared I’m cool as a Cucumber.
I Leek you, Butter than anyone else.
Plus it takes two to Mango.
Please Kale me, maybe?
I Yam so A-Maized by your understanding.
You give wise words to me as old Cabbage.
I’ve Bean missing you a lot.
You know I couldn’t if I Fried
Don’t go Bacon my heart.
But you always tell me “Romaine Calm and Curry on”.
You always come in good Thyme.
I Carrot live without you.
Fig it! You’re totally my Jam.
Every day I’m Brusselin..to kick some Asparag-Ass.
Because I love you from my head Tomatoes!
Orange you glad we’re friends?
To me, you are all that and a bag of Chips.
I call you the Apple of my eyes.
Because you are one Fine-apple.
I’m going Bananas for you.
Peas, be mine.
And always Expresso yourself to me.
Let’s Taco ’bout us, baby.
You Bake me crazy.
You have an Egg-cellent attitude
We go together like Milk and Cookies.
I Mint it when I said I love you.
You are Cereal-ously my favourite Valen-Thyme.
I’m Nuts about you.
We make the perfect Pear.
I love you Berry much.
A cutie Pie. is what you are.
You’ve got a Peach of my heart.
You make my heart skip a Beet. As my heart Beets for you.
You’re really Grape!
Olive you so much.
And you are my one in a Melon.
Lettuce never be parted!
Our friendship must go Onion on.
Doughnut give up on me.
We need to Ketchup.
Please, Paw Paw your love on me.
When I feel stressed, like Lemon-aids you rescue me.
You Ginger me up and yet put me at Cheese.
I thank God for Pudding me with you.
My Loaf for you feels like a spiritual Sprite!

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