Turn Your Meal Leftover To The Right Snack

I used to be a big time food-waster. In fact I go shopping with the honest intention to use every ounce of soy-milk, every pack of mixed vegetable and so many different stuff I load in my cart. Sometimes I cook with the intention of finishing every bit of a nutritious meal, but I end up dumping most of it away after losing interest in the first love I got from tasting the cooked meal.

It cost me a lot as much as I wanted to satisfy my need to feed my appetite. So I decided to make a change and rounded up a bunch of ways to make do with my leftovers. I would be pleased to share two possible meals I turned into a healthy snack. You can turn your leftover pasta, rice, bread, milk, pizza, chicken and turkey, vegetables, bread etc. into a healthy snack to keep your day going.

Here are my two favorite leftover snacks that has a bit of everything and is perfect for health eating –

  1. Veggie snacks: One of the greatest barrier I have had over the years of going on diet is the amount of time used in preparing vegetables as soon as you buy them for a meal. Next is the amount I have as a leftover when I am done using what I needed out of it. So here is what I got accustomed to. Some regular veggies that can be grouped for a mini snack are tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, beets, lettuce, colored bell pepper, broccoli, mushroom etc.

 I first created a mentality of “do it once, do it all, and you wouldn’t have to repeat it again”. I wash, peel and cut them all to be used throughout the week. I take the portion I need, cook my meal for the day and freeze the leftovers. I take part of the leftover when I am ready for a snack, I steam and spice it as I please, add some onions then mix with cooked chicken breast for a lunch meal. Sometimes I take the veggie sticks with a dip or make a small salad, mix my veggies with brown rice, add veggies with egg white broth and steam a bit and you are good to go for a healthy snack.

veggie snack

Vegetables are a great low-calorie high-fiber food that provide essential nutrients and energy while helping you feel fuller for longer. If you ever feel hungry, vegetables should be your first snack to turn to.

  1. Fruit snacks: I can totally say 80% of living humans loves fruits, and a lot of ways have been introduced on how to enjoy your fruits. Though sometimes we find ourselves being filled by just a few bites and then we keep it down to rot. Sometimes we forget it in the fridge, it becomes slimy and unpleasant (I am a certified offender lol). As much as I am an offender I am also a sucker for “not wasting food or anything consumable”. So what I did was to get the fruits (banana, strawberry, pawpaw, apples and the likes of them) I needed to consume for a week. Wash, peel, cut and dish into a bowl, then I took as much as I could consume for two days

fruit snack 1

After which I stored the rest in the freezer. I decided to make a smoothie for lunch and after dinner. Took my banana and apples with my straw berry added a bit of ice and soy-milk or yogurt and I blended it for breakfast or lunch. Took my pawpaw and the left over banana and blended for a smoothie after dinner, mixing it with some yogurt, yummy!

friuit snack 2

My reasons for pawpaw after dinner is because pawpaw is a good source of fiber which helps relieve constipation and is beneficial for colon health. I would wake up eased up after a visit to the “white throne” in the bathroom. Bananas on the other hand are known for their high potassium content, with over 400 mg potassium in a single medium-size banana. Potassium is necessary for good nerve and muscle function as well as for maintaining a healthy balance of fluids in the body.

Make the best use of your food available to you. Consult us and ask questions on what you need to do with a particular meal when you do not want it wasted. We are always ready to respond to your questions at any given time. Have a great weekend and eat right, with the right snacks.

By Blessing Nwachukwu | [email protected]
Diet234 Team

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