Top Types of Nutrition Apps to Improve Your Diet

Nutrition Apps for Healthy Eating and Happy Living

The Rise of Nutrition Apps…

One of the many benefits of modern technology is that it can be used to aid aspects of our lives such as our diets. The internet has opened up a wealth of knowledge that allows us to get accurate advice on diet and nutrition at the touch of a screen. We have complied the top types of nutrition apps that will help you realize those healthy eating goals.

Calorie Counters

Men’s Fitness recommends using Calorie Counter & Fitness Track by MyFitnessPal as the perfect way to keep track of your daily calorie intake. Calorie counting apps are great for those looking to lose weight or gain muscle as it allows you to accurately track what you eat. The MyFitnessPal app has over 5 million types of food in their database so you will always be able to enter the right food and brand for a correct reading. There is now no excuse to eat unhealthily.


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Healthy Restaurant Food

The smartphone has revolutionized the way we interact with restaurants. One of the latest trends is to be able to know how many calories are in restaurant dishes. Apps such as HealthyOut allow users to research the healthiest restaurant dishes and have them delivered to their door. Lack of time to cook healthy food is a huge factor to why people’s diets slip. These apps allow you to get good quality nutritious food directly to your home so you don’t reach for the pizza takeaway menu. The co-founder of the app told Tech Crunch that the nutrition app is designed to be “your own personal concierge and nutritionist planning out meals.”

Water Intake Apps

The importance of water cannot be emphasized enough and yet it is often forgotten when it comes to healthy living. Apps such as Waterlogged are designed to ensure that users are getting the right amount of water everyday. Speaking to Top Fitness Apps the creators of Waterlogged said “we think that users need simple apps that do what they do, and they do it well. Waterlogged allows you track the water that you drink and it gives you reminders to make sure that you are drinking enough by letting you know how much you need to drink each hour to accomplish your personal goal.”


Who says that healthy eating doesn’t have to be fun. In recent years, game developers have tapped into the public’s desire for a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the creation of fun games such as Fruit Ninja. The fun app reminds players to eat healthy by slicing through fruits. The Guardian reports that it will be turned into a film due to the popularity of the game. Another media platform to take advantage of the health and gaming industries is online entertainment platform The X Factor Games. They combined fruit and gaming to create classic games such as Fruit Shop. While the games won’t improve your eating habits, they will hopefully entertain you. While also, giving you a subtle reminder to get your 5-a-day.

Hopefully, you will gives these nutrition apps a try and take advantage of the nutritional knowledge and advice. Your phone grants access to all of this. In today’s society, there is no excuse for not following a healthy diet.

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