Feeding 2000 Children at a Banquet Service

Yesterday was a great day for us all at Diet234, as we went out to deliver efficient and exquisite food banquet service at St. Bartholomews Anglican Church, Aguda Surulere. This is part of our service offering – Diet234 Quickserve and we got the contract to feed the children at this year’s annual banquet service.

Personally, I arrived late for the team’s meeting. However, it was quick one. At about 10.30am, the packaged foods (African Jollof rice and Chicken) were made available at the children church premises – The Youth Center. Initially, it didn’t come too good to them as they complained we came a bit late.

But, we managed to calm every nerve down knowing we are finally here for them. It was easy and less stressful at the start. But when I saw the kids trooping out, I realized that the number of people to be fed was extremely large and that this is somewhat challenging.


We all appeared in our Diet234 branded t-shirts, with gloves and shower caps on. It was beautiful. We got pleasant comments as well. *grins*
Okay, it finally kick-started when we began distributing the food to them neatly packaged, also the fruit salad made from a rich blend of fruits and vegetable and groundnuts for topping i.e pineapple, water melon, cucumbers. It was served to the children in disposable cups with a fanciful umbrella kind of toothpick on it. Oh heavens, this caused a stampede as every child wanted to have a cup. *LOL* Children stepping on each other, hands stretched far to reach for a cup, some even crying for one.

Inasmuch as some kids couldn’t get a cup, we distributed to most kids and they were happy.

Finally, we moved to the adult church – The Unity Center, where the banquet service took place proper. Here, we had just our smoothies and fruits salads on display to be served for FREE! We whipped up these smoothies very quick and fast using our Shake ‘n’ Take smoothie maker, you can get yours here. The smoothies were served in chilled pineapple made pots and the fruit salad in our customized cups. The sight was beautiful as people started coming to have a taste of it. A couple even wanted to buy some.*grins*

We served to members of the high table and distributed the others to a few members of the congregation. Even though, we had a bit of time mismanagement, I can gladly say we created good brand awareness. We got people asking questions, reading our banners and excited about our packaging. We sure made them look!

It’s right to say, It ended in praise.

By Christiana Friday | [email protected]
Diet234 Team

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  1. Good job. Nice and detailed piece. Really nice of the writer to have acknowledged the little flaws encountered like coming late and the cups not available for all the kids. Try to be early next time, it’s not good to keep folks waiting for food especially kids. It will be nice too if you have enough cups to go round next time. I like the T shirts and the idea of the gloves and shower caps is great. Overall, a pretty good job. More grace, strength and success.

  2. The best part of this write up is the acknowledgment of the flaws and challenges encountered. with such honesty, diet 234 should soon be a trademark earmarked for global impact.keep on d good work guys and help enhance nutritional delivery esp to children.

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