Eating Beans Gives Me Gas. What Can I Do To Fix This?

Gas from eating beans smells a lot

Eating beans is a good idea.

Beans are a superfood rich in soluble dietary fibre that enable the removal of cholesterol and unhealthy fats. This prevents them from being absorbed by the body. Beans have been attributed as diabetic food (food for people living with diabetes) this is because of the complex carbohydrates present in them. This complex carbohydrate causes gradual digestion, which helps control a spike in circulating blood glucose.

Did you know that… 

Eating beans up to 1 cup of beans especially the common brown variety is called Pinto beans.

Pinto beans provide about 245 calories with 24% from Protein (15g), 4% from Fat (1.1g) and 71% from Carbs (45g).


So, is it really a “proteinous” food? Although beans are such remarkable food, its drawback for most people is that it gives them gas. Farting is something most people are not very proud of and it’s no wonder why because most times it is very smelly and could cause a lot of discomforts, especially if you attempt to hold it in. Some persons once or twice might have been involved in accidentally shitting themselves, hoping it was only gas.

It’s alright to fart.

Farting is actually a very normal part of the digestion process and general body functioning. Credible sources have reported that a person, on average, farts anywhere from five to 15 times a day. So ladies and gentlemen, no shame in this.

Why the gas though?

The gas from eating beans is because the human body is unable to digest some dietary fibre and complex sugars, for example, raffinose and stachyose. These sugars stay a while longer in there as the friendly bacteria in your gut acts on them (digestion), and then carbon dioxide and methane (the smelly gas) is released into the world.

Here is a solution!

You can reduce the intestinal gas production you get from eating beans by taking these steps;

  • Boil water in a pot.
  • Turn off the heat.
  • Soak the beans in the water for a few hours.

This cooking method will cause the complex sugars to leach into the water, and you can discard the water, add fresh water and carry on with your cooking. Learn more tips to enjoy your eating beans.

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