Coconut Oil: Four Amazing Benefits You Never Knew!

coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the favoured natural health and wellness products due to its wide array of benefits. This versatile oil can be ingested, applied topically, and used as an ingredient in numerous DIY health and beauty concoctions.

Many natural product lovers know that coconut oil is amazing. However, there are a lot of surprising benefits of which they may not be aware. Here are four surprising benefits to learn.

Coconut Oil Can Help Whiten Teeth

Oil pulling is an ancient practice. It was believed to draw toxins out of the body before consuming food each day. A lot of people recommend oil pulling after brushing your teeth in the morning. Well, did you know brushing with coconut oil can help improve overall whiteness?

Visit Made with Oils to see a comparison chart of the best coconut oil brands, and choose the one that fits your needs. Apply the oil directly to your toothbrush and brush as usual. This helps clean the teeth and create a protective layer that will prevent staining and plaque buildup. Over time, you should notice a visible difference in the whiteness of your teeth.

Nail and Cuticle Strengthening

If you’ve struggled with brittle nails in the past, coconut oil can help. While it’s well known that this natural moisturizer is great for the skin, it’s also effective as a nail and cuticle strengthening treatment. If you don’t typically wear nail polish, you’ll love the shiny, nourished look of your nails with coconut oil on them. If you do wear nail polish, apply the oil between applications or give your nails a break to rejuvenate.

You can use coconut oil to make a nail strengthening serum by adding a few drops of essential oils to the mix. Frankincense oil has been used for hundreds of years for its restorative properties. Apply a few drops to coconut oil and apply each morning to your nails.


Kills Lice

While there are a lot of interesting remedies for head lice that parents have tried over the years, from harsh chemicals to vinegar rinses, coconut oil is an effective, natural way to get rid of lice without causing damage to the skin or hair.

The thickness of coconut oil, especially when whipped, can smother lice. Mixing with a few drops of tea tree oil will effectively wipe them out within a few hours. Apply the mixture to the hair, focusing on the scalp area, and cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap applied tightly to the top of the head. Leave this on for a few hours, then wash and rinse. Go back through with a nit comb to remove any leftover eggs– these should slide off easily.

Improve Joint Health

There is a common link of saturated fats to numerous diseases. These type of fats are prevalent in processed foods. Foods like eggs and Greek yoghurt have some saturated fats but have proven health benefits overall. Coconut oil is another natural source of saturated fat that has benefits that outweigh the negative connotations. 

Incorporating the oil into your diet in a way that fits your overall caloric intake limits can help improve joint health due to its healthy fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation lists it as an exception to the rule when avoiding saturated fats. 

There are various ways to use the oil. Also, it has a lasting positive impact on the body both medically and cosmetically.

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