Please, please, please! Bring Back Our Foods!!

Bring Back our Foods

Yes, please bring back our foods!

The caption sounds more like a rescue mission as seen in the case of Chibok girls. Well, yes the same applies to the foods I have missed. As a child in the eastern region of Nigeria. I got so attached to some foods which at a point in my life vanished like thin air and I miss them a lot. See them below;


healthy foods - edible wild mushrooms

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The name mushroom rings a bell. It reminds me of my childhood days when I and my siblings sit together on the floor to enjoy a plate of Okro soup filled with mushroom and hot fufu (cassava meal).

As I grew up the memories began to fade as my very own mushroom was replaced by corned beef and other already made meat products. I do not only miss the awesome taste of mushroom, I also miss the individual nutrients and health benefits that come with it.

Take a look at what we are missing from Mushroom

The anti-diabetic action: yes you heard me right!!! Mushroom is low in carbohydrate but rich in proteins and vitamin B5 which is the main reason why it is perfect for diabetic patients. Find out more on how to manage diabetes now.

Perfect food for the obese: The major cause of obesity is overconsumption of food materials in relation to calories without burning the calories off. Mushroom only gives 25kcal per 100gram consumed. This is perfect for any individual seeking weight loss.

This will be effective only when the mushroom is not fried or cooked with oil.


healthy foods - tangerine

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Before Coca-Cola, Bobo, LaCasera and the long lists of soft drinks there has been tangerine. In fact, tangerine is the children’s choice back then because of its sweetness. Hardly will you see it missing in my launch box. We don’t really know what we are missing until we are told.

Take a look at what we are missing from Tangerine

Fighter against infections: Tangerine is similar to orange but some of its nutrients are found in lower proportion but its major content is vitamin C helps fights off infections. This is the main reason it is highly recommended in cases such as cold and flu in Children. In addition, tangerine contains some carcinogenic nutrients that help fight cancer. I wonder who will fight for the body now that we have dumped tangerine for bobo juice.

Cholesterol level control: Tangerine contains pectin also known as fibre which is at the forefront of fighting against cholesterol. Do you still think orange juice is a substitute for the main fruit? Then you are seriously missing out on fruit fibre.

Pectin is a fiber found in fruits. It is used to make medicine. People use pectin for high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and to prevent colon cancer and prostate cancer. It is also used for diabetes and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Some people use pectin to prevent poisoning caused by lead, strontium, and other heavy metals.


healthy foods - muskmelon

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Some call it muskmelon or sweet melon but I call it anwu as the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. I can still remember how I enjoy my anwu with red oil when cooked. I miss the slimy feeling it gives whenever I scoop into the gourd.

Take a look at what we are missing from Melon

Urinary condition: muskmelon consumption enriches the blood with minerals that improves the filtration capability of the kidney. This is to say muskmelon improves renal function.

In conclusion…

Sincerely, I missed these foods and also the health benefits that comes with each of them. I will like to see you all eat more of natural foods rather than too much of packaged foods. The more natural it is the healthier it is.



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Anthony Chinedum is a health writer, blogger, graphic designer, and ambassador of healthy eating.

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