5 Expert Tips for Eye Health

Take a moment to imagine yourself going out for a walk at your favorite park. You likely enjoy the refreshing greenery, the colorful hues of flowers in full bloom, the distant peal of children’s laughter, or the tasteful landscape adorning the vast land. Now try to imagine how the experience would be like without the sense of sight.  Your favorite park may no longer feel just as beautiful, would it?


The preceding paragraph proves the value of our sense of sight. We may often take our eye health for granted, but once we begin to age and lose our clear vision, we cannot help but reconsider its value.

How then, can you ensure that your eyes receive the best care available? Take eye expert advice! The paragraphs below mention some of the most effective methods of eye care.

  1. Do eat right.

You cannot discount the crucial impact that your diet has on your eyesight. Research consistently shows that foods rich in Omega-3, zinc, lutein, and Vitamins C and E, are great for the eyes. Eating right will also keep you from acquiring diabetes that is among the most common causes of blindness in adults. You may also want to consider taking dietary supplements such as Spirulina to fill in any nutrition gap you may have. Spirulina contains many essential vitamins and minerals that would prove beneficial to your overall health.

  1. Do not smoke.

You may have had enough of warnings against smoking, but the rising number of smokers proves that repetition of such warnings is a necessity. Did you know that smoking does not only cause cancer but also causes blindness? Smoking makes you more prone to developing cataracts, experiencing macular degeneration, as well as optic damage. True, giving up on cigarettes is not a piece of cake, but repeatedly trying to quit is the key to being able to quit smoking successfully.

  1. Do wear protective eye-wear.

Sunglasses are a must especially for those who are constantly under the heat of the sun. Remember that the sun’s UV rays are not only harmful to your skin but also to your eyes. Too much UV exposure can cause your eyes to develop cataracts and undergo macular degeneration so make sure that you use the right type of sunglasses to protect your sense of sight. If your work exposes you to eye hazards, it is imperative that you also wear the appropriate safety eye-wear to avoid eye injury and maintain eye health.

  1. Do not look at the computer screen for too long.

Radiation from your computer screen is not healthy for your eyes at all. Those who stare at computer screens for too long a time report having blurry vision, back, neck, and shoulder aches, dry eyes, and frequent headaches. If you need to use a computer at work, then make sure that you take a break every 20 minutes or so. A 20-second break for your eyes will do. And do take a 15-minute break every 2 hours as well.

  1. Do not skip a checkup!

To ensure optimum eye health, do drop by your doctor’s clinic regularly for a checkup. A routine checkup on your eyes can do much to prevent the onset of cataract or macular degeneration or treat eye diseases while they are still in their initial stages.

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