Zobo Drink: The Quintessential Local Red Wine

Hi people, ever occurred to you that, whenever you drink or eat; you are either feeding disease or you are fighting it?

At Diet234, we care about your health and welfare, that is why it is in our place to ensure we bring you health tips on what is best for your consumption at all times. Many times, in our cravings for certain kinds of food or drink, we pay for food that will eventually harm us in the long run.

Today, we write on the benefits of the right drink; our very own local red wine – the nutritious ZOBO drink and why it is a recommended drink for you and your family at all times rather than most processed fruit drinks.

The Zobo drink popularly known as African “local red wine’ is a drink well consumed in Nigeria. Though it is not new to foreigners as it is also an ancient local drink consumed in several parts of the world for centuries, across the Caribbean to parts of Africa and Latin America where the Roselle plant can be found.

The interesting part about this drink is that it is easy to make and the ingredients used are also easy to find, most importantly, very affordable.

The Ingredients:

The Zobo leaves (Hibiscus flower petals of the Roselle plant)

Pineapple bark/ lemongrass (optional especially the pineapple for diabetic patients)






Wash the dry leaves neatly in cold water as the leaves are often dirty from the way they are stored.

After washing the Zobo leaves and the pineapple bark thoroughly, set the leaves in a big pot of water and add the pineapple bark into the pot; add some peeled and diced ginger. Also, add the peeled and diced the garlic cloves into the mix, then boil all together until the leaves are soft.

Then, stir at intervals as the essence of the spices are released into the boiling mixture.

Zobo in a pot

Image credit: Zobo in a pot of boiling water

The presence of ginger and garlic heightens the organoleptic properties (aroma and taste) of the drink and makes the drink more nutrient-dense and invigorating, but for those who are diabetic, pineapple could be optional in the production process because pineapple has a generous amount of natural sugar which could incur harm to the diabetic when excessively consumed.

The benefits

For many, the relish is really in its natural and healthy form, derived from the red calyx or petals of the Hibiscus flower. The Roselle plant, which is the main ingredient in the production of the Zobo drink, according to nutritionists, has been found to be very effective in the management of hypertension because it has some anti-hypertensive properties and, so, is recommended for consumption.

Garlic is used in the treatment and management of fevers, coughs, constipation, asthma, nervous disorders, ulcers and skin diseases because it is found to contain chemical substances that stop the growth of bacteria and kill fungi.

Aside from garlic bulbs being used as seasoning and flavouring agent, garlic also serves as an effective remedy for hypertension, muscular pain and sore eyes. It aids digestion and prevents the formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract as well as to facilitate the expulsion of gas – flatulence.

On the other hand, ginger is used as a herbal remedy in treating toothache, congested nostrils, cough, colds, flu, asthma, stomach problems, rheumatism, piles, hepatitis and liver problems. It is also extensively used as a herbal remedy to control or prevent nausea, vomiting and motion sickness; a cold remedy, an aid to digestion and a remedy for intestinal gas.

According to the director, Family Health and Nutrition, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Dr Abimbola Ajayi,

Zobo drink has been described as a local drink that helps in lowering blood pressure as it contains an enzyme inhibitor which blocks the production of Amylase”.

“Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down complex sugars and starches. Drinking a cup of hibiscus tea or Zobo after meals is said to reduce the absorption of dietary carbohydrates and assist in weight loss. It is rich in Vitamin C and makes a wonderful herbal remedy to fight off colds and infections”


Image credit: Zobo in a glass

These are more than enough reasons for anyone to always have Zobo in your homes because a man may esteem himself healthy when that which he considers as food is also his medicine.

Keep your body healthy!

Keep your mind healthy!!

Keep your spirit healthy!!!

When next you desire a healthy and nutritious drink, THINK ZOBO NOT OROBOR!

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  1. Zobo drink is awesome………I luv it. Adding a bit of extracted pineapple itself also gives it a wonderful taste.I think something is missing ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR ZOBO WHEN IT IS CHILLED *winks*…………….Nice piece.

  2. This article is very intéressant
    I like it and i hope das i find it this kind of flower in my country
    So Good Luck and i wait for others artikle
    Thank you

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