It’s World Diabetes Day Today

[quote_center]”It sure is World Diabetes Day today. Though, this is well acknowledged worldwide, a lot more people are shockingly unaware of the knowledge on Diabetes as a medical condition having a constellation of signs and symptoms of degenerative health”.[/quote_center]

Diabetes is almost the most popular medical condition prevalent amongst both the rich and the poor, maybe much more amongst the rich, no wonder some people nicknamed it “The Rich Man’s Sickness“.

World Diabetes Day is symbolized worldwide with the emblem below.

Diet234 | Blue Circle for Diabetes

But I wouldn’t be stressing on statistical facts and figures, because that’s not going to get us to “the doing” and I mean lifestyle changes. Come on, let’s give this thought together. If one is to make a change in “embedded” habits, that one will have to banish all fears, so why do we want to know the number that died last night and also all the forecast(ed) diabetes death rate. We are here to deliver healthful remedies that have recorded success in some way.

But for those that need statistical views, watch the No. 3 video on the updated list presentation on World Diabetes here

Well, let’s get something straight from here; If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you need to be under a doctor’s care. This is important no matter what kind of diabetes you have – whether you are insulin dependent (Type 1) or you have the adult onset version (Type 2). So, apart from the many doctor recommended approaches to improve the way your body handles the sugar in your blood. There are some you can do yourself at home like: – losing weight, exercising and eating more fiber and less fat and sugar.

Here are few Anti-Diabetes Regimen you can try out cautiously: –

Make dietary changes, serve yourself several small healthful meals a day. e.g. 6 meals a day schedule, something like this –

Baked potato illustration

  • Breakfast – Cereal and whole wheat toast and any fruit of choice
  • Mid morning snack – Low sugar, low fat cookies, small glass of non-fat milk
  • Lunch – Fish pie / sandwich and a piece of fruit
  • Mid afternoon snack – non-fat yoghurt
  • Dinner – Boiled cabbage with baked potatoes
  • Bedtime snack – The African Garden Eggplant, popularly known by the Igbo tribe of Nigeria as Anara and some cashew nuts (roasted or baked); this combo is not only tasty, it’s a super food.

Studies show that diets high in complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables helps improve blood sugar control.

Researchers have also found that forsaking meat may help people avoid the devastation of diabetes. Hence, if you eat more meals in small packs it helps level out an up-shoot of your blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes patients. Also, I’d advice that you don’t eat out as much – there’s too much fat in restaurant food.

Exercise to speed weight loss, which in turn will decrease diabetic symptoms, nothing beats working up a sweat. We believe that for a successful weight reduction programme, these 2 things are important. Keep accurate food records using , so you can tell how much fat you are eating and a regular exercise routine, at least 30 minutes every other day.

Herbal tea has proven itself in hyperglycemia (high concentration of blood sugar ). Research has associated the Sage leaf and tea brewed from it with feeling better in dealing with diabetes, though no proof how it directly affects blood sugar. This herb has been touted for years as a successful and effective treatment for more than 60 health problems. So find you some Sage leaves and brew some tea.

Sing praises to God for ginseng. Experts have documented that ginseng is useful in controlling diabetes. Do some brewing. Taking them as tea has recorded success over the years. Challenge yourself to make errrm…  (what we like to call) a “premium tea”. 😉

Of recent, *B Vitamins gets straight A’s. There’s some evidence to suggest that people who suffer from diabetes may benefit from B vitamins. According to some practitioner’s, they recommend a single 50mg vitamin B6 tablet each day.

In all of these dietary changes, there’s need to exclude refined foods, replace them with whole grains and vegetables. Even though there are not clear evidence that there is a direct effect at blood sugar control. It is only known that people with diabetes and its complications are B6 – deficient, and for these people B6 supplements may be helpful. Brewer’s yeast has some of these needed nutrients as thiamine, riboflavin. biotin, folic acid, selenium, and chromium and is sold in health-food stores.

* Note: Please even though this has merits, Experts have said that taking more than 50 milligrams 
of vitamin B6 daily can be toxic and can cause nerve damage. If you'd like to try B6 supplements, 
discuss it with your doctor.

So, as the awareness of the World Diabetes Day is spread, take charge of your food habits, because what you eat in private, you eventually wear in public.

It’s a Great Day, Today!

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