The Top Muscle Building Foods On The Planet


Everyone wants to drop a few pounds and replace them with muscle. It doesn’t matter whether the extra muscle is good for you or not, it is a trend that is catching on. If you are one of these muscle building people, you need to start harnessing the power of food. Food can be the difference between a skinny frame and one that Arnold Schwarzenegger would envy. The only thing you have to do is pick the food that is conducive to muscle growth. If you are not sure, the list below should help.

Top muscle building foods are;

muscle building food-eggs



Once upon a time, eggs were not very popular. In fact, common wisdom suggested that eggs were a contributor to high cholesterol. Nowadays, it is a myth because research suggests that eggs are high in healthy properties like leucine. Leucine is a catalyst for muscle growth, like adding fuel to the fire that is your body. Plus, the cholesterol is also good for building muscle as it is linked with steroid hormones. Steroid hormones are the natural way to build muscle quickly without putting your health at risk.


The humble nut is another great source of nutrients that stimulates muscle growth. In layman’s term, they are full of the calories that you need while you exercise. Nutrients like proteins and fiber go straight to the muscles and supply them with energy while you work out. Other foods don’t have this effect as their energy goes straight to your waistline and settles as fat. Just one ounce of cashew nuts a day is enough to give your body masses of energy.

muscle building food-turkey


White Meat

Chicken is the main example, but turkey is also a superfood. White meat like chicken and turkey is not only full of protein, but it is lean. Red meat like pork and lamb tends to have a lot of fat and unnecessary calories as well as protein. Clearly, these extra nutrients are not good for your muscles as they don’t provide any source of energy. If you have the choice, go for turkey over chicken as turkey is about as lean as meat comes.

Protein Shake

Okay, so it is not food. But, it still has a big effect and is worth mentioning. A protein shake is like an espresso – a shot of pure protein straight to the muscles. There are numerous options that you can try, from Muscle Stack to Creatine. The important thing to remember is that protein shakes before and after a session provides more energy. Plus, it also aids muscle recovery. And, if you don’t let your muscles recover, they won’t grow.

muscle building food-lean meat


Lean Beef

Although beef is red meat, it is an outlier. Beef, unlike most red meats, has a healthy mix of amino acids, protein and Creatine. Plus, it also has high levels of B vitamin. Together, they make beef a superfood when it comes to muscle building and growth. But, the meat must be lean – rare or medium rare – for it to have any effect. Otherwise, you will cook out all of the nutrients if you cook it for too long.

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