Teenage Diet Plans – For Mental and Physical Fitness

As a teenager, it is very important to have a good diet plan in order to have a better physical and mental health. In the present scenario, fast food and unhealthy diet plans have led teenagers towards obesity. What you eat has a great impact on your lifestyle and daily activities. Your food act as a fuel for your body, it energizes you and makes you able to move, think and breathe. So, being a teenager, it is very necessary to include healthy foods in your regular diet plans.

Here are some healthy diet plans for teenagers.


Eat your breakfast like a king. A glass of juice or milk with cereals and a vegetable sandwich made of whole wheat bread is always a good option. For non-vegetarian persons, a vegetable sandwich can be replaced by a ham sandwich or either chicken. Avoid over eating but eat enough to fill yourself until the time of lunch. For the variety, you can add white egg omelette, a bowl of oats with a fruit shake, couple of toast and smoothie, boiled eggs and some fruits. Enrich your breakfast with a combination of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Combine your cereals with fruit to give it a tangy twist.


Have a good diet at the lunch. You can have salads, baked beans or grilled chicken. Tacos (a Mexican dish consisting of a fried tortilla (a thin, flat pancake of cornmeal or flour, eaten hot or cold, typically with a savory filling), which is typically folded, filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned meat, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes) stuffed with lettuce and cheese can be used as the source of protein. Beef steaks with tofu and chickpea salad can be a very nutritious lunch to have. Avoid junks such as burger, pizzas, wafers and soft drinks. For the variety add fish, ham, spinach and soups to your meal. Try to have less fatty food with more and more fiber or proteins.

Evening snacks

Take a light meal at the evening snacks, have fruits and raw vegetables. Peanut butter can be another good option. Turkey sandwich with a glass of juice or the coffee is always preferred. For the variety add Greek yogurt, with vegetables, tortilla and spicy popcorn. Don’t eat too much in the snacks and keep it fresh.


Dinner is the last meal of the day so it needs to be light. Eat less in the dinner and go for a walk after it. You can have chicken breast with sprouts, roasted chicken avocado and chicken fingers. For vegetarians, lemony lentil soup and a spinach pasta can be so yummy and healthy to eat.

For the mental fitness of the body, vitamins and minerals such as iron and calcium are vital elements. And for physical health protein along with other vital minerals and vitamins are very important. The foods mentioned in above diet plans enrich in all these essential nutritional parameters. Apart from the diet plan, physical exercise is also important for physical as well as mental health. Do exercise daily for at least 30 minutes or involve yourself in physical sports such as basketball, football or rugby. Follow the above diet plan and have a healthy lifestyle without even compromising in taste.

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