Efo riro (vegetable soup): Get it right

Efo Riro (vegetable soup) is a rich vegetable soup that is native to the Yoruba’s of Western Nigeria. The name ‘efo’ means vegetables, hence it is a Yoruba rich vegetable soup/stew. Believe me when I tell you that this happens to be one of the most delicious Yoruba soups that I have made. The vegetables […]

Ofada Rice

Ofada Rice, also known as brown rice, is a local, Nigerian unpolished rice which is non-genetically modified. It is the short, robust and brown rice planted mostly in Ogun State and some other states in western Nigeria. The delicacy is very popular in the South-west region of Nigeria, but many who eat it, are not […]

Oh…My favorite Ukang.

After a long day at work and the stress on being seated in the “Fashola bus” aka BRT with the usual ‘gidi’ traffic, trust me, it’s not funny. I’m fagged out! For every Lagosian, I am sure you totally understand what I mean. On getting to my gate, all I need is just a good […]

Igbo Local Vegetable Salad

The Igbo local vegetable salad is a relishing traditional delicacy of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. It is mostly prepared to serve alongside a main dish. It is eaten as a dessert or as a heavy snack with some fresh palm wine or traditionally brewed beer. It can be prepared as a spicy food also […]

Foods for Cold

Happy Independence everyone! We all have been experiencing the cold weather, it’s still the raining season in Nigeria and a day hasn’t gone by without it drizzling or pouring down. Most times, the day starts pretty warm, only for it to start raining once you step out the house. This has happened to me several […]

Save your heritage, eat traditional foods and stay healthy.

Do you know that most of your traditional/local foods are more nutrient dense and nutritious than packaged and processed foods? Now let’s know more about traditional foods. What are traditional foods? From its name, traditional foods are foods consumed in the way our ancestors ate them. They are naturally grown, nutrient-dense, and thoughtfully prepared. They […]