Unusual Weight Loss Tips That You Didn’t Know

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Most people that read this blog will think that they know everything about weight loss. It can feel that way when you spend a proportion of your life trying to lose a few pounds. But, don’t despair because there are weight loss tips that even you don’t know yet. You mostly find blogs full of […]

A Guide To Kicking Your Smoking Habit

Smoking - Young african american man breaking a cigarette

A lot has changed since the days when tobacco companies got doctors to endorse their products. Since the Surgeon General’s report in 1969, the evidence that smoking is bad for us has been unequivocal. Now nobody with any kind of reputation to defend disputes the evidence. Even the tobacco companies themselves admit that their product […]

Healthy eating is eating right

The weekend is over and it is with no doubt, that a whole lot of people have ate food portions meant for 3 people at one go (unfortunately, including me). As we all already know, the description of our West African cusine is “heavy on starch, ‘mega’ heavy on meat and generous in fat”. But, […]