Oh…My favorite Ukang.

After a long day at work and the stress on being seated in the “Fashola bus” aka BRT with the usual ‘gidi’ traffic, trust me, it’s not funny. I’m fagged out! For every Lagosian, I am sure you totally understand what I mean. On getting to my gate, all I need is just a good […]

Bitter Leaf and Its Health Benefits

The bitter leaf plant is packed with so many health benefits. According to the tribes in Nigeria, It is known as Elewuro amongst the Yorubas, it is called Shuwaka by the Hausas and it is used in preparing the famous Onugbu soup by the Igbo people. Apart from its culinary delicacy, the bitter leaf is […]

Foods for Cold

Happy Independence everyone! We all have been experiencing the cold weather, it’s still the raining season in Nigeria and a day hasn’t gone by without it drizzling or pouring down. Most times, the day starts pretty warm, only for it to start raining once you step out the house. This has happened to me several […]