Muscle loss: Prevention and Treatments

muscle loss

What do you understand by Muscle Loss? Muscle loss occurs when your muscle partially or completely wastes away and its mass decreases. Most cases of this loss are usually results of other pre-existing medical conditions. It is characterized by fatigue, extreme muscle weakness and shrinkage of your physical body. You may experience a decrease in […]

Healthy Living: Top 10 Tips for Sustainable


Healthy living, much like marriage is a commitment you make for life. Statistics show that over 90% of women on earth are dissatisfied in some way with their bodies. They also show that over 80% of girls over the age of sixteen have tried and failed at dieting more than once. The fascination with dieting […]

A Guide To Kicking Your Smoking Habit

Smoking - Young african american man breaking a cigarette

A lot has changed since the days when tobacco companies got doctors to endorse their products. Since the Surgeon General’s report in 1969, the evidence that smoking is bad for us has been unequivocal. Now nobody with any kind of reputation to defend disputes the evidence. Even the tobacco companies themselves admit that their product […]