The Nigerian Moin-Moin as a Super Food

We should know that Moin-Moin is made from beans which are very nutrient-rich. They are a fabulous source of vegetarian protein and fibre, two nutrients that help you stay full and satisfied. The protein and fibre in beans also temper the rise in blood sugar that occurs after a meal, which can help stabilize mood. […]

Ofada Rice

Ofada Rice, also known as brown rice, is a local, Nigerian unpolished rice which is non-genetically modified. It is the short, robust and brown rice planted mostly in Ogun State and some other states in western Nigeria. The delicacy is very popular in the South-west region of Nigeria, but many who eat it, are not […]

Food Additives That Adds nutrients to Food

Additives are used in food to improve the keeping quality of a food by making it last longer on the shelf or in the fridge, or improve the taste or appearance of processed food. For centuries, ingredients have served useful functions in a variety of foods. Take for instance, our ancestors used salt to preserve […]

Vegetable Juicing For Respiratory Troubles

Before we dive into the nifty gritty of today’s blog post, it would be good to acknowledge the different types of respiratory troubles or preferably issues that exist in health statistics. To mention a few we have asthma, bronchitis, cough, influenza, pneumonia and a host of others. Asthma is extreme difficulty in breathing owing to […]

Oh…My favorite Ukang.

After a long day at work and the stress on being seated in the “Fashola bus” aka BRT with the usual ‘gidi’ traffic, trust me, it’s not funny. I’m fagged out! For every Lagosian, I am sure you totally understand what I mean. On getting to my gate, all I need is just a good […]

Healthy Snack At The Office (TGIF)

Okay, so I recently felt the need to bring to you, my esteemed readers the pleasure of being aware of super food combinations and how this practice results in overall health and vigor. I’d like to let you all know that, I got really wonderful feedback from readers (calls and text messages) but for some […]

Rice and Beans: A Nutritious Staple Food

Rice and beans is a staple food in many cultures around the world, Nigeria is topping the list. This food duo is known by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria as iresi ati ewa. This staple food provides several important nutrients, and is widely available. The Igbo specialty known as “ricee na beanz” is often accompanied […]

The African Breadfruit Meal (Ukwa)

The African Breadfruit is scientifically known as Treculia africana. Now let’s know what’s up with this nutritious food. Introduction: It is also called afon in Yoruba; ize in Benin, Jekri and Sobo; izea in Ijaw; and ediang in Efik. Ukwa as is known by the Igbo speaking tribe of Nigeria is the seed of the […]

A Chocolate Treat for the “Nigerian Workaholic”

Have you had a chocolate treat today? The way most people consume chocolates, especially the female folks, one might begin to wonder… Is This The Chocolate Challenge? Well, to whom it may concern; Sugary, chocolate-flavored foods become a problem when they crowd out more nutritious foods — for example, if a chocolate bar replaces fruit […]

Yam and Corned Beef Sauce

Hello there, We love to share recipes with you, especially from one of our fans Felicia – @niftychic via our Instagram handle @diet234. She happens to be a good cook, and food enthusiast. She shared a recipe for “Boiled Yam and Corned Beef Sauce” with us. Yam and corned beef sauce is a popular, tasty and […]