I Wake Up Hungry. Why and What Can I Do to Fix this?


It’s natural to feel hungry from time to time but, if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night or the morning with severe hunger pangs (that almost feels like an “affliction”) then, it’s likely that you are undernourished (not eating well enough). Here are some reasons you might be feeling hungry […]

Pregnancy Nutrition: The Myths and Facts

Pregnancy nutrition

Pregnancy nutrition is a growing concern amongst mothers-to-be, pregnant women, nursing mothers. This is a BIG DEAL! As we may know, the initial 1000 days of a baby’s development is critically dependent on the mother’s nutrition in the formative process. Pregnancy nutrition cannot be overemphasized. Myth 1: It’s time to eat up. You’ve heard the […]

10 Things To Eat During Pregnancy To Make Baby Smart

Smart kids are what every mother out there hopes for. It’s important to note that much of the kid’s intelligence depends on the mother’s diet during pregnancy. There is the need for the mother to necessary nutrients for the excellent brain development of the baby. Some of the foods necessary for smart babies include: Request […]

Nutrition Awareness in Pregnancy

If you’re the type who doesn’t spend on your wife, please change for better especially in the quality of food she eats in pregnancy because… “Never in a woman’s life is nutrition so important as when she’s pregnant and nursing,” Good nutrition during pregnancy improves the chances of having a healthy baby. It may even […]

Bitter Leaf and Its Health Benefits

The bitter leaf plant is packed with so many health benefits. According to the tribes in Nigeria, It is known as Elewuro amongst the Yorubas, it is called Shuwaka by the Hausas and it is used in preparing the famous Onugbu soup by the Igbo people. Apart from its culinary delicacy, the bitter leaf is […]

Give the first 1000 days of their life your best shot!

This was one thing I took serious interest in while the Nutrition Society of Nigeria’s 44th Conference tagged “Adequate Nutrition: A Panacea for Sustainable Education and National Development” was going on. I noticed that most of the speakers had something to say about it. This goes to the mothers, what you eat and do in […]