Vitamin C: Gimme! gimme!! gimme!!!

Vitamin C is arguably the most popularly consumed vitamin – if not in the whole world, I’m very sure of in Nigeria. Well, it will interest you to know the following: Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid, which is the form found in most foods. It is a water-soluble vitamin and cannot be stored in the […]

Sustaining The Nutrients In Green Vegetables.

Just like a movie, I can still remember years back when I was an enemy to green vegetables. Coming from an African home, Nigeria, my mum was a sucker for “green vegetable everything” and I am one to always select what I eat. Being the only daughter, I was pampered and free to do and […]

Super Food Combinations

Food combinations for healthier eating have been adopted in nutritional science on the basis of nutrient – nutrient interactions i.e. how a certain food nutrient in a mix affects the other food nutrient, either by enhancing it’s absorption or hindering it. If you add these powerful food combinations to your diet at least twice a […]

Drinking water and Its Goods

I used to consider nourishment in the literal sense to be the result of eating, digesting and absorbing nutrients from ‘solid foods’, and that drinking water, for the purpose of dissolving and diluting, or to help flush food through the digestive organ. In other words, enable good digestion and absorption. But then, I realized It […]