World Malaria Day: Malaria Prevention and Nutrition

World Malaria Day 2020

Let me tell you a story of an average Nigerian child, let’s call her Zuri. In the rural community in Nigeria where Zuri lives, 90% of the mosquitoes are female. Malaria has been reported to be transmitted through the bites of infected female mosquitoes. This poses a great risk for children in Zuri’s community. She […]

Perfect Nutrition for Perfect Education: 5 Simple Rules


There is no day which will go before you hear somebody talk about new super food or new diet. With too much information, it can be confusing. But ideally, food and nutrition should not be rocket science. It is simple: eat all foods and listen to the body. No one is perfect, and everyone always […]

Top Foods for Better Mental Health

Mental health influences us all in the way we behave; we think, and we feel. It also controls the ability to make the most out of any given opportunities. It makes an impact on our surroundings like on our family, friends, and workplace. A good mental health is the ability of a person to learn, […]

The Dangers of Binge Eating

When you realized you just binged, you start feeling guilt, bloated, frustrated, uncomfortable and depressed. If you are a fitness person, the next thought is “all my progress has been ruined in the last 12-24 hours”. The feeling of turning back the hands of time will set in, time to give up. Right? Most times […]

What You Should Know About Miscarriage

The loss of one’s unborn child spells a kind of pain that mothers cannot fully express. It is not just about an individual’s dashed hopes and expectations; it is also about losing a dearly loved individual yet unseen. While no words can rightly contain the extent of the grief such loss brings, there is a […]

Malnutrition and Crooked Teeth

For good oral health it is not enough just to check-up your dental health once a year with your dentist, to maintain regular dental hygiene at least twice a day, but it is also very important that you eat right. Proper nutrition is important, both for general health and for the health of our teeth. […]

Healthy Eating Guidelines

There’s this quote I find myself constantly quoting to clients. It says… [quote_center]”What you eat in private, you wear in public.” ~ Anonymous[/quote_center] I believe it’s very clearly stated the purpose of minding what you eat, regardless of if your nutritionist, dietitian or doctor is watching you. Healthy eating can never be over-emphasized in developed […]

The Nutrition Conference 2014

The 44th Annual General Meeting & Scientific “Nutrition Conference’ of The Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) kicks off tomorrow 2nd till 6th September 2014 at Newton Hotel, off Port Harcourt Rd., Owerri. It is tagged “Owerri 2014”. The set theme is Adequate Nutrition: A Panacea for Sustainable Education & National Development. How time flies…Last year’s […]

Nutrition Security: The Essence

“A hungry man can’t see right or wrong. He just sees food”. Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973) Now, it gets more interesting to know that though food security being a threat to adequate nutrition, there is a much more destructive underlying factor to the risk of malnutrition across all ages, this factor being “Nutrition Security”.We will […]

Hepatitis and help for it

Studies so far have made us aware that there are 5 types of hepatitis. Type A,B,C,D, and E. Studies have also shown that ypes B,C, and D are the ones that cause long term effects. They can cause liver failure, liver scarring (cirrhosis), and liver cancer. The following world statistics reveal further that; 150m people […]