Guava – The Health and Nutritional Benefits

Guava fruit

As we know, Guava is a tropical fruit rich in nutrient and characterised by its unique flavour and taste. In its ripened state it has a sweet musky aroma, creamy texture and a sweet-tart taste. The fruit is consumed fresh or processed into various products like jam, jelly, pasta and juices. Guavas are rich in […]

Lemon Juice; Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking it


Lemons are among the most common ingredients in kitchens across the world. Lemon juice is also very reinvigorating. They add tangerines to dishes and turn them more delicious and tasty. Housewives use them to add plentiful of favour to a variety of dishes and food items. Food apart, did you know that lemon or lemon […]

Water Essentials: How to pimp up a glass of water


The essence of water Of all the vegetables, spices and other consumables that form part of a healthy defence against the ravages of nature. There’s one particular wonder-drink whose benefits are not quite matched by its sex appeal: water! There are 1,001 articles and reports in circulation that remind us how vital water is to […]

The Negative Effects of a Low Body Fat Percent

Body fat is essential to keeping our bodies healthy, because not all body fat is bad. The cardiovascular and central nervous system needs it, as well as our skeletal, endocrine, and reproductive systems. It is an energy source, and after about half an hour of exercise, when the carbohydrate reserves are depleted, your body starts […]

The Gift of Wine

The history of wine is traced to thousands of years back, it was used on so many occasions in bible times. More importantly, it has been linked with amazing health benefits. Here are four core benefits of wine to our health. Good for The Heart The flavonoids and sapponins in red wine helps to protect your heart against cardiovascular […]