Do You Use Food To Fend Off Illness?

In illness, what do we usually do? Cover photo by – Dianne Hope. Most of us aim to eat healthy foods to reduce obesity and improve energy levels. Some people experiment with their diets to fight illness and disease. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are essential nutrients for a healthy body […]

Help for Your Colicky Baby

Has your colicky baby turned into “cry cry” baby? What is Colic? According to the dictionary on my Nokia Lumia phone 630; English Dictionary for Windows Phone by Flow Simulation Ltd. It defines thus, [quote_center]”Colic (noun. Med): It is a severe paroxysmal pain (that is painful sensations occurring at intervals) in the abdomen, due to […]

Acne – You too can be Free!

Are you bothered about acne? We all have at one time or the other gone through the woes of acne, I ‘used to’ have mild acne in the past, and once, I had a severe case of back acne, It took the grace of God and a lot of trial and error before I finally […]