Have You Tried Soursop?

OK here it goes, soursop is amazing on the first try. You know there are some fruits you try out and then you be like, why do I have to eat this? Then you remember it has so many benefits that comes with it, so you just have to get adapted to it. On the […]

My Healthy Guilty Pleasures

As needy humans we all have that one to two things that pushes us to have a cheat meal every once in a while. Sometimes our once in a while cheat meal ends up being a daily routine (who would attest to this fact say I). I most a times love to have that sugary […]

Office Snacking Makeover Ideas

Before I first visited the United States, I had the opportunity of staying over at my friends place for as long as I wanted. So when I got to the United States, instead of staying over at my god mum’s places, I ran to my friend’s to mix up with people of my age bracket. During […]

Turn Your Meal Leftover To The Right Snack

I used to be a big time food-waster. In fact I go shopping with the honest intention to use every ounce of soy-milk, every pack of mixed vegetable and so many different stuff I load in my cart. Sometimes I cook with the intention of finishing every bit of a nutritious meal, but I end […]

Healthy Snack At The Office (TGIF)

Okay, so I recently felt the need to bring to you, my esteemed readers the pleasure of being aware of super food combinations and how this practice results in overall health and vigor. I’d like to let you all know that, I got really wonderful feedback from readers (calls and text messages) but for some […]

Super Food Combinations

Food combinations for healthier eating have been adopted in nutritional science on the basis of nutrient – nutrient interactions i.e. how a certain food nutrient in a mix affects the other food nutrient, either by enhancing it’s absorption or hindering it. If you add these powerful food combinations to your diet at least twice a […]

Chocolate – “Food of The Gods”

If there is one flavoring that everyone seems to love, it’s chocolate. Personally, I don’t joke with the “Chocolate Devotion” ice cream plus waffles each time I go to unwind at the nearest Cold Stone Creamery. Look at it right side below. Chocolate is rich and sweet, with a distinctive taste that cannot be duplicated, […]

The “Deli-nutritiousness” of corn (African maize) and pear.

Kudos to the wonderful soul that thought about the African maize – corn(oka) and native pear(ube) combo. Those two are DELICIOUS together. They’re like man and wife, and of course pear (ube, as the Igbo tribe of Nigeria popularly call it) is the wife, with her very creamy sweet self. Lol Yes! Corn season is […]