Top Diet Tips – Improve Your Nutrition and Get Lean

Diet tips

Are you interested in eating right, shedding a few pounds, toning up, or just looking and feeling better on the inside and out? See diet tips below. We have found out that every year, many people go on strict diets and join a gym. However, a lot of these people can fall at the first […]

10 Home Workout Ideas For When It’s Too Cold For the Gym

Woman in workout

What is the worst part of a workout? Most people don’t consider working out difficult on itself. But find going to the gym an even bigger challenge. Alright, we admit. Leaving one’s comfort zone isn’t all that easy. And this holds especially for when it’s winter or in the harmattan. Who in their right mind […]

Muscle loss: Prevention and Treatments

muscle loss

What do you understand by Muscle Loss? Muscle loss occurs when your muscle partially or completely wastes away and its mass decreases. Most cases of this loss are usually results of other pre-existing medical conditions. It is characterized by fatigue, extreme muscle weakness and shrinkage of your physical body. You may experience a decrease in […]

Get A Gym Buddy: Learn 4 Ways To Find

couple as gym buddy for each other

It’s a new week and most of us had a run, dance in the shower or some kind of exercise. Well, you will agree with me that working out and sticking to an exercise regime is a tough business. You know you should do it for a myriad of reasons, but sometimes, there’s no denying […]

See What Obianuju Wore to the Gym On Saturday

On Saturday Mornings, Everyone is “fit fam” It was one of those typical Saturdays mornings when all the “fitness enthusiasts” would rather gather at the gym for social meetups, “ThankGodItsSaturday” banter, or just observing as an excuse not to do some basic chores at home (but then, I may be wrong)… And so, they stared […]

Weight Loss – Drop Right Now With These Epic Tips


Are you feeling a little down in the dumps because you think you need to lose weight? Well, if that’s the case then you need to make sure you do what you can to lose weight. This seems simple, but a lot of people struggle with it. So, try to make sure you use these […]

Strength training: Do we need this?


Strength training is vital for the body. Care to know why? Many people associate strength with body size. Indeed, muscle mass and body strength go hand in hand on the road to prime fitness goals. They often grow together, but some people take their strength to the next level without getting bigger. This is the […]