A Valentine Love Letter For You From Us


Aloe Bay! I’m a little Chilli this afternoon but I needed to write this special valentine love letter to you. Let’s Avo-cuddle. later today. There are so many out there. But, what do you call a fake Noodle? An Im-pasta! Muffin compares to you. Lime yours and… I’m Soy into you. I know you like big Cassava. […]

Please, please, please! Bring Back Our Foods!!

Bring Back our Foods

Yes, please bring back our foods! The caption sounds more like a rescue mission as seen in the case of Chibok girls. Well, yes the same applies to the foods I have missed. As a child in the eastern region of Nigeria. I got so attached to some foods which at a point in my […]

Rice and Beans: A Nutritious Staple Food

Rice and beans is a staple food in many cultures around the world, Nigeria is topping the list. This food duo is known by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria as iresi ati ewa. This staple food provides several important nutrients, and is widely available. The Igbo specialty known as “ricee na beanz” is often accompanied […]

Facts on Fiber Feeding

Recently. there’s much fuss about having enough fiber in your daily diet. Apparently, most people are not “very” familiar with what is regarded as “fiber”. I was consulting with an elderly client the other day… and so I suggested to him “Sir, you will need to eat more fiber in other to cleanse your metabolic […]

Igbo Local Vegetable Salad

The Igbo local vegetable salad is a relishing traditional delicacy of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. It is mostly prepared to serve alongside a main dish. It is eaten as a dessert or as a heavy snack with some fresh palm wine or traditionally brewed beer. It can be prepared as a spicy food also […]

Foods for Cold

Happy Independence everyone! We all have been experiencing the cold weather, it’s still the raining season in Nigeria and a day hasn’t gone by without it drizzling or pouring down. Most times, the day starts pretty warm, only for it to start raining once you step out the house. This has happened to me several […]

The “Deli-nutritiousness” of corn (African maize) and pear.

Kudos to the wonderful soul that thought about the African maize – corn(oka) and native pear(ube) combo. Those two are DELICIOUS together. They’re like man and wife, and of course pear (ube, as the Igbo tribe of Nigeria popularly call it) is the wife, with her very creamy sweet self. Lol Yes! Corn season is […]

Let’s talk about Healthy Foods

Now, I am not talking about foods that make you unrealistically thin in the name of weight loss diet, or foods that deprive you the Joy that comes from eating. I think the ability to enjoy nutritious food is one of the best gift God gave to humans. Before a food can be termed healthy, […]