A Perfect Smoothie, A Perfect Blend


The smoothie has certainly taken us by storm. This freshly-blended, nutrient-filled, ice-cold beverage became an instant hit and the drink of choice in many occasions. Sometimes, though, you might have the feeling that you could improve things in the taste department.  Either that, or the health potion is too icy, watery or way too sweet. […]

Are You Unhealthy? What To Do If You Feel Like it

Do you feel unhealthy? A lot of us feel unhealthy though, we may be happy with our lifestyles, and the way we look and feel. However, some of us feel that we are a little not healthy. If you fall into this category, then you need to take decisive action to try to make yourself […]

Food Sweeteners: Quick Facts

It’s December 1st today and I’m very sure most people reading this post are in the festive spirit already. Well, not to burst your bubbles, I thought to write on the issue of food sweeteners in most of our staple foods and drinks. So guys, when I’m usually asked, “do sweeteners contribute to the risk […]