Drink Milk and Get Health Benefits?

Drink Milk for Health Benefits

Please consume milk. Milk consumption as part of a calorie-controlled diet has been linked to increased weight loss, particularly from the abdomen, according to research. I am a huge fan of milk! Aside from its creamy flavour, milk is one of the most nutritionally complete foods on the market. It is a good source of […]

Beat the Summer Heat with Healthy Drinks!

Do you feel the Summer heat? If you think that the summer temperatures cannot get any hotter than last year, you might be in for a shock. Weather researchers are already preparing for another record-breaking summer heat in 2016. Factoring in the El Nino oceanic phenomenon, where the tropical Pacific Ocean in covered with warm […]

A Perfect Smoothie, A Perfect Blend


The smoothie has certainly taken us by storm. This freshly-blended, nutrient-filled, ice-cold beverage became an instant hit and the drink of choice in many occasions. Sometimes, though, you might have the feeling that you could improve things in the taste department.  Either that, or the health potion is too icy, watery or way too sweet. […]

Zobo Drink: The Quintessential Local Red Wine

Hi people, ever occurred to you that, whenever you drink or eat; you are either feeding disease or you are fighting it? At Diet234, we care about your health and welfare, that is why it is in our place to ensure we bring you health tips on what is best for your consumption at all […]