Alcohol beverages: What foods are they made from

Alcohol beverages

If you can’t see the image above clearly, do not worry. The image is originally blurry (smiles). Now, if you’re wondering why I called it “alcohol beverages” instead of “alcoholic beverages”, it is because the first is accurately descriptive; the second put across an image of tipsy bottles dancing on a shelf rather than respected […]

Brain Health: Harmful Foods


The brain is one of the organs in the body that replenishes over the course of one’s lifetime. Taking care of it is one of the initiatives that one should consider by watching their lifestyle and their general health fitness. We should learn that nutrition is a better care for mental health than medication A […]

6 Benefits Of Cutting Alcohol Out Of Your Life

Hello, and welcome back, readers. Some of you may have just made it through ‘Dry January’. In other words, you’ve succeeded in cutting alcohol for a month, and made it safely out the other side. But, what if you didn’t turn back to the bottle? What if you continued ‘Dry January’ in Dry February or […]

The Gift of Wine

The history of wine is traced to thousands of years back, it was used on so many occasions in bible times. More importantly, it has been linked with amazing health benefits. Here are four core benefits of wine to our health. Good for The Heart The flavonoids and sapponins in red wine helps to protect your heart against cardiovascular […]

Healthy Dietary Tips for Hypertension

What is Hypertension? Hypertension, also referred to as high blood pressure, is a condition in which the arteries have persistently elevated blood pressure. Every time the human heart beats, it pumps blood to the whole body through the arteries. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing up against the blood vessel walls. The higher […]

Alcohol and your liver

Two things prompted us to shed more light on liver health; it was world hepatitis day yesterday. A neighbour died of liver cirrhosis today. Now, alcohol isn’t poison. Here is what is written in the scripture: ‘Take a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent cases of sickness’. Paul made this […]