Guava – The Health and Nutritional Benefits

Guava fruit

As we know, Guava is a tropical fruit rich in nutrient and characterised by its unique flavour and taste. In its ripened state it has a sweet musky aroma, creamy texture and a sweet-tart taste. The fruit is consumed fresh or processed into various products like jam, jelly, pasta and juices. Guavas are rich in […]

What does bitters have to do with good digestion?

“What does bitters have to do with good digestion?” anyone might ask, promptly making an awful face to indicate that a bitter flavor is the last thing in this world he or she would voluntarily let past their lips. It is not rare to see most of our aged folks in rural settlements fondly “wash” […]

My Healthy Guilty Pleasures

As needy humans we all have that one to two things that pushes us to have a cheat meal every once in a while. Sometimes our once in a while cheat meal ends up being a daily routine (who would attest to this fact say I). I most a times love to have that sugary […]

The Choice between Bitter Kola or Kola Nut?

I’d rather eat unsweetened food than bitter food. Unlike me, most people have a sweet tooth. But it all comes down to the fact that you can’t enjoy bitter foods unless you learn to like them. The bitter kola is bitter, whereas the kola nut is slightly bitter when chewed but leaves a pleasant sweet […]

Sweet Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

The myth… One would have thought that sweet potatoes can never be beneficial for someone living with diabetes because of the prefix ‘sweet’. A misconception many people think a fact. It might surprise you that the reverse is the case. The sweet benefits… What’s fascinating about sweet potatoes is their ability to actually improve blood […]

Drinking water and Its Goods

I used to consider nourishment in the literal sense to be the result of eating, digesting and absorbing nutrients from ‘solid foods’, and that drinking water, for the purpose of dissolving and diluting, or to help flush food through the digestive organ. In other words, enable good digestion and absorption. But then, I realized It […]