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  • Tonsil infections

    Here Are Diet Choices That Cause Tonsil Infections

    If you’ve ever experienced them before, you have probably asked yourself “why do I have tonsil stones, tonsillitis, and strep…

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  • diet plans

    Safe Diet Plans That Promote Healthy Weight Loss

    You are not alone if losing weight is at the top of your priorities list. Every year, millions of people…

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  • Lose weight with your fiance

    Bridesmaid frenzy – How To Lose Weight The Smart Way

    To lose weight is a journey. It is about changing the things in your life that cause you to gain…

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  • Silly Weight Loss Myths That We Still Believe

    About weight loss myths… Let’s face it, there are lots and lots of weight loss myths. One of the driving…

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  • Bring Back our Foods

    Please, please, please! Bring Back Our Foods!!

    Yes, please bring back our foods! The caption sounds more like a rescue mission as seen in the case of…

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  • type 2 diabetes cover

    Diabetes and Diet: 4 Most Misunderstood Facts

    Most people think that they have a handle on diabetes as a condition. But, in truth, most of us are…

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  • superfoods cover

    Unpopular Superfoods To Add Into Your Diet

    We all want to be as healthy as possible, but achieving that can sometimes be quite difficult. However, that is…

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  • why-diets-do-not-work

    Sustainable Dieting: Any need for this?

    Why dieting isn’t sustainable Dieting or the use of formulated diets rarely work and the ones that do only offer…

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  • The Alkaline Diet: Does It Improve Overall Health?

    The Alkaline Diet which is also known as the Acid/Alkaline Diet has been steadily gaining popularity since its introduction a…

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  • Food additions

    Food Additions To Your Diet That Give Nutrients You Need

    This isn’t a list about which superfood can do all the work of a whole diet. Or a specific plan…

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