BBCNewsPidgin Interview on Common Nutrition Mistakes in Nigeria


BBCNewsPidgin (1) invited me to share knowledge on matters pertaining to nutrition in Nigeria. I decided to talk about a few common nutrition mistakes to start the series and also certain local superfoods that are overlooked by so many including you! Watch the video interview below. Now, you’d agree with me that there is an […]

Common Nutrition Mistakes We Make in Daily Diet

Collins Akanno discussing Common Nutrition Mistakes

It is without a doubt that there is an increase in nutrition misinformation leading to common nutrition mistakes. Everywhere you look someone is readily offering nutrition advice usually based on zero evidence. Very briefly in the discussion, we have been able to highlight 5 very common nutrition mistakes, that people seem to be repeating over […]

Our Founder speaks at a Democracy Day Event

Okay so Democracy Day has come and passed and we the editorial team at Diet234 would like to congratulate Mr. President – Muhammadu Buhari and his vice president – Mr. Yemi Osinbajo on taking up the mantle of leadership in a bid to aid the Nigerian populace actualize national goals on security of lives and […]