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  • adult-athlete-bar-to-burn-calories

    Facts Only: How to Lose the Holiday Calories

    Ok so most of us are already back from the holiday while some are getting set to return to base.…

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  • diet plans

    Safe Diet Plans That Promote Healthy Weight Loss

    You are not alone if losing weight is at the top of your priorities list. Every year, millions of people…

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  • Nutrition Apps for Healthy Eating and Happy Living

    Top Types of Nutrition Apps to Improve Your Diet

    The Rise of Nutrition Apps… One of the many benefits of modern technology is that it can be used to…

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  • diet meal cover

    2017’s Top Diet Tips – Improve Your Diet and Get Lean

    A lot of people will be focusing on their diets right now in the hope of shedding a few pounds,…

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  • season foods

    In this Season: 4 Healthy Living Tips For You

    It’s another festive season in Nigeria. That time of the year when so many merry activities take place. There is…

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  • Healthy-living-cover

    Healthy Living: Top 10 Tips for Sustainable

    Healthy living, much like marriage is a commitment you make for life. Statistics show that over 90% of women on…

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  • get-skinny-the-right-way

    Get Skinny – Get Back to Basics Right Now

    Everyone wants to get skinny. Hence, we are pretty much bombarded with weight loss solutions these days. Do this squat,…

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  • Weight Loss: Four Things That May Sabotage Your Plans

    Weight loss is a journey As with any journey, you may come across some bumps in the road. If your…

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  • why-diets-do-not-work

    Sustainable Dieting: Any need for this?

    Why dieting isn’t sustainable Dieting or the use of formulated diets rarely work and the ones that do only offer…

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  • Coca-Cola: Everyday Answers to Questions on Their Products

    You will all agree with me that Coca-Cola is kind of legendary, though not “necessarily” for the quality of the…

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