Eating Healthily On the Go is Possible. Find Out!

Eating Healthily on the Go

Eating healthily can be tough at the best of times, but when we’re busy, it can seem impossible. With jobs, families, hobbies, and socialising to squeeze in, we can neglect what we eat throughout the day. Here are some simple suggestions about eating healthily on the go, and why it’s so important… Why is Eating […]

Cut Out That Mid-Morning Snack With These Simple Tips

Mid-morning snack at the Diet234 office

When you’re trying to eat healthily, chances are that you focus mostly on your meals. You sit down every evening and look with satisfaction at your plate full of lean proteins and leafy greens. And think fondly of the quinoa salad you made yourself for lunch that day. And then you look on the scales […]

Best Practices Before Meal: Breakfast

Before we dive into the confusion that seems to be more like a rule (but I would call it a life pattern that could help in building your health status and sustaining it), I would love you to ask yourself these questions that can direct you on your focus for a healthy life. How bad […]

Women and Ageing

I was called to deliver a presentation to a group of women professionals and the topic picked was “women and ageing”, and I thought to myself, women! We never want to age. We still want to wear that size 8/10 top or pants even when we clock 70. Looking and feeling younger than one’s age […]